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Are you interested in knowin AFI admission? If so, then you are on the right page. Feel relaxed and make sure you read the article to the end.

AFI admission


Ranked as one of the top film schools in America, the AFI Conservatory is searching for the next generation of filmmakers with individual artistic voices to apply as Fellows to one of the six disciplines in our MFA program. The AFI Conservatory does not offer any undergraduate degree programs and only admits once a year for fall terms.

AFI Fellows come from a diverse background and are represented by the majority of states in the US and over 40 countries around the world. Fellows at the Conservatory bring to life our mission and vision by serving as artists and leaders in the art of storytelling and influencing culture through their contributions to film and television.

This information on this page is for applicants to learn how to successfully apply to the MFA program, as well as provide instructions on material submissions for the Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, Production Design, and Screenwriting disciplines.

We understand applying to graduate school is a lot of work, and we appreciate the time and attention every applicant puts into their materials. Should there be any questions about the admissions requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Admissions office for clarification at


2023–2024 Admission Requirements

All applicants for admission to the MFA or Certificate of Completion at the AFI Conservatory must submit the following:


AFI uses the GradCAS application system. Because AFI is looking for passionate storytellers that want to deepen their knowledge and skills in a particular discipline, you will only have the option to apply to up to two disciplines.


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There is an application fee of $110 per application.

The narrative statement is a very important part of your application for admission. It’s our chance to get to know you better as a storyteller and as a person. This is your chance to tell us your story. Your statement should be no longer than 3 pages in length, and it should contain the following.

The majority of the narrative statement should tell us:

About your own unique story. What shaped you as a person? What is important to you about the stories you want to tell? The goal is to get to know you as a person and as a storyteller outside of your resume and professional accomplishments.
We’d also like you to touch upon the following questions in a meaningful way in your statement as well:

Why are you applying for this specific discipline? What people/movies/art inspire you in that field?
The AFI Conservatory is a hands-on collaborative learning environment. What is your experience as a collaborator in the filmmaking process?
How do you see the AFI Conservatory benefiting your long-term career goals?
If you are applying to two disciplines, we recommend writing a unique statement for each of your applications that is tailored to and reflects your thoughts and passion about that discipline.

Please make it easy on our diverse admissions committee members and keep your narrative statement easy to read with a conventional font (Times New Roman), size 12, double spaced, and normal margins.

Your resume should detail your professional work, set experience, education level and degree(s) earned (please see additional information in the TRANSCRIPTS section about listing education in your resume).

We ask that applicants submit the names of two individuals who will provide a professional (academic or artistic) recommendation. The recommenders will be e-mailed a link from the GradCAS application portal. No personal recommendations are allowed.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring their recommenders have completed the online recommendation by the application deadline date as your application cannot be reviewed without them. AFI will only accept letters directly from the recommender and not from the applicant. Submissions provided by the applicant will not be considered. No hard copy letters are accepted.

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Letters of recommendation are due before or on the application deadline date.

The AFI Conservatory Admissions Office accepts unofficial transcripts* during the admissions process. A transcript is a document that provides a list of courses and grades earned by you at an institution. Unfortunately, diplomas cannot be accepted in lieu of transcripts.

In the online application, please only list schools of higher education where a transcript can be obtained. A transcript is required for any of the schools listed as part of your admissions application. Please note, a school cannot be removed or deleted from your application once you submit it so please keep this in mind when listing the school(s) you attended. If a transcript cannot be obtained, a letter from the school stating so will be required.

If you attended other schools that may be pertinent to your application (for example, you attended extension courses or a workshop), please list these on your resume and not in the application system. Should the AFI Conservatory need additional information about your academic background, we will reach out to you directly.


For international applicants: please submit all credentials and transcripts with an official English translation (if applicable). A bachelor’s equivalency report will be required for Admitted Fellows who decide to enroll at the AFI Conservatory. For more information, please visit our International Applicants page. The Registrar determines final evaluation of applicants’ records.

Certificate of Completion applicants: if you have some higher education history, please list that school in the Academic History section. If you do not have any higher education post high school (primary school), please list where you received your high school diploma and answer the academic history questions to the best of your ability.

All transcripts and credentials are due before or on the application deadline date.

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*Admitted Fellows who decide to enroll at the AFI Conservatory will be required to submit official transcripts. Transcripts are considered official if the AFI Conservatory receives them directly from the issuing school either digitally or by post mail, or if the Admitted Fellow sends a physical copy in a signed and sealed envelope.

Applicants who do not hold an earned undergraduate degree or equivalent may be eligible to apply to participate in our program as an Associate Fellow. Eligibility to apply to the program as an Associate Fellow is based upon the applicant having demonstrated exceptional skill through a track record in his/her/their field, and a required number of years of applicable experience, as determined by the Conservatory.

Applicants must:

Complete the full application including discipline specific requirements;
Document a minimum of 3 years of professional experience and accomplishments;
Demonstrate the maturity to participate in a graduate level program (and apply a minimum of 4 years post completion of his/her/their high school in the US or secondary education abroad)
Associate Fellows are required to meet all the requirements and obligations of degree-candidate Fellows. Associate Fellows are awarded Certificates of Completion upon successful completion of all requirements of the AFI Conservatory program within their respective discipline

The AFI Conservatory is a need-blind institution. Scholarship or financial need is not taken into consideration during the admissions process and would never be used in hindrance to an applicant’s admissions decision.

After you submit your admissions application, if you wish to be considered for a scholarship, please submit this form by February 1, 2023. This form will be submitted directly to the AFI Conservatory’s Office of Financial Aid. Notification of scholarship awards will be sent out after an admissions decision has been rendered and admitted Fellows will receive notification if they have been awarded a scholarship or not.

AFI Scholarship consideration is open to domestic and international applicants. Late applications may not be considered.

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