African Lady Breaks UK Varsity 571yrs Record As She Bags PhD in a Medical Field

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Kristyn Carter has become the first Black woman to graduate with a doctoral degree in Immunology at the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.
According to Dr. Kristyn, she was inspired by Dr. James McCune Smith who became the first African-American to achieve a medical degree from the university in 1837. Speaking with the University of Glasgow, Dr. Kristyn said she hopes her remarkable achievement can motivate others in the same way, especially young African women. In her words: “In 1837, Dr James McCune Smith graduated from the University of Glasgow, making history as the first African American to earn a University medical degree.
“Today, I made history as the first Black graduate of the University of Glasgow PhD of Immunology. Being the first black student, of all genders, to graduate with this PhD is a huge honour, and I owe it all to Dr McCune Smith. ”I’m the first, and I won’t be the last, and I can only hope my story inspires more people to attend”.


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