Crescent University School Fees For Medicine (2024/2025)

Crescent University School Fees For Medicine

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Ever dreamt of a career in medicine?

Crescent University, a leader in Islamic academic excellence, offers a well-regarded medical program.

But before you go into the world of anatomy and physiology, it’s important to understand the financial commitment.

This blog post will break down Crescent University’s medical school fees and answer the top 5 FAQs students have about the cost.


Understanding Crescent University Medical School Fees

Unfortunately, Crescent University’s website doesn’t explicitly list the specific fees for the medical program.

However, we can glean some insights from the general fee structure for other programs.

Most universities in Nigeria follow a similar format, with fees varying based on year of study.

Here’s what we know from other Crescent University programs:

  • Tuition fees generally decrease as you progress through the program.

  • There may be additional fees for textbooks, materials, and health insurance.

FAQs on Crescent University Medical School Fees!

How much does Crescent University Medical School cost?

Without official confirmation, it’s difficult to provide an exact figure. However, based on other programs at Crescent University and medical school fees in Nigeria, we can estimate the annual cost to be between N1,000,000 (Nigerian Naira) and N1,500,000. This is just an estimate, so be sure to contact the university directly for the most up-to-date information.

Are there scholarships available for medical students?

Crescent University offers scholarships to deserving students. It’s wise to explore these options and any external scholarships you might qualify for to help manage the cost.

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What are the additional fees associated with medical school?

Expect additional costs for textbooks, lab materials, and health insurance. These could add another N100,000 to N200,000 per year.

How can I finance my medical education at Crescent University?

Many students rely on a combination of scholarships, personal savings, family support, and student loans to finance their medical education.

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