Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa (FPN) School Fees for ND Students (2024)

Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa (FPN) School Fees for ND Students

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Planning your National Diploma (ND) program at Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa (FPN)?

Understanding the ND school fees is essential for budgeting and managing your educational expenses.

This comprehensive guide offers all the crucial information about FPN ND school fees, including breakdown by program, payment methods, and financial aid options.

FPN ND School Fees Overview

Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa (FPN) offers diverse National Diploma (ND) programs across five faculties:

  • School of Business
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Applied Science
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Environmental Technology

ND school fees at FPN vary slightly depending on the program and year of study. Here’s a breakdown:

School of Business

  • ND I: N32,600
  • ND II: N36,100

School of Engineering

  • ND I: N37,600
  • ND II: N38,100

School of Applied Science

  • ND I: N37,600
  • ND II: N38,100

School of Information Technology

  • ND I: N37,600
  • ND II: N38,100

School of Environmental Technology

  • ND I: N37,600
  • ND II: N38,100

Additional Fees

Besides tuition fees, students must pay additional charges like:

  • Acceptance Fee: N15,000
  • Registration Fee: N1,500
  • Examination Fee: N2,000
  • Library Fee: N2,000
  • Sports Fee: N1,500
  • Student Union Government (SUG) Fee: N2,000
  • Medical Test Fee: N1,000
  • Development Levy: N2,000
  • ICT/Consultant Charges: N2,600
  • Caution Fee: N2,000
  • Entrepreneurship Development Fee: N2,500

Total ND School Fees

Including additional fees, the total ND school fees at FPN range from approximately N60,000 to N67,000 per year.

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Payment Methods

FPN offers several convenient payment methods for ND school fees:

  • FPN OnePay: Online portal for secure payments through Remita.

  • Bank Branch: Payments can be made at any designated bank branch.

  • Mobile Money Transfer: Convenient option for quick payments through mobile money platforms.

Financial Aid Options

FPN understands the financial challenges students face and offers various financial aid options to support their education:

  • Scholarships: FPN awards scholarships to deserving students based on academic merit and financial need.

  • Bursaries: Financial grants awarded to students facing financial hardship.

  • Student Loan Schemes: Partnering with financial institutions to offer loan options to students.

  • Work-Study Programs: Opportunities for students to earn income while studying through on-campus employment.


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