FUNAAB Cut Off Mark For Economics (2024)

FUNAAB Cut Off Mark For Economics

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Are you aiming for a future in economics and have your sights set on the prestigious Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB)?

Well, understanding the cut-off mark for your desired program is crucial to shaping your admission strategy.

This blog post will be your go-to guide for the FUNAAB Economics cut-off mark (2024) and answer the top 4 questions swirling around this topic on Google searches.


The Official Cut-Off Mark:

The good news is that FUNAAB has a general cut-off mark of 160 in the 2023/2024 UTME for all programs, including Economics.

This means scoring at least 160 in your JAMB exam is the minimum requirement to be considered for admission. However, keep in mind that this is just the starting point.

While the general cut-off mark is 160, Economics might have a higher departmental cut-off mark. Unfortunately, the official figures for 2024 haven’t been released yet. But fret not! Here are some insights to help you estimate:

  • Previous Years: In the 2023/2024 session, the departmental cut-off mark for Economics was 180. You can expect a similar range for 2024, though it might fluctuate slightly depending on competition and program performance.


  • Course Popularity: Economics is a highly sought-after program at FUNAAB, so expect a competitive applicant pool. This could push the cut-off mark higher than the general requirement.

Remember, the cut-off mark is just one factor in the admission process. To strengthen your application, consider these elements:

  • Post-UTME Screening: FUNAAB conducts a post-UTME screening exercise where your performance matters. Prepare diligently to score well.


  • O’Level Results: Strong O’Level results in relevant subjects like Mathematics, Economics, and English Language can give you an edge.


  • Additional Qualifications: Any relevant certifications or awards in economics or related fields can enhance your profile.


What is the exact cut-off mark for Economics in 2024?

The official figures haven’t been released yet. However, based on previous years and program popularity, expect a range between 180-200.

Can I get admitted with a score lower than the cut-off?

While unlikely, exceptional performance in the post-UTME and outstanding O’Level results might work in rare cases.

Where can I find the official cut-off mark announcement?

The official announcement will be published on the FUNAAB website and social media channels. Stay updated!

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