Novena University School Fees For 2024 Aspirants

Novena University School Fees For 2024 Aspirants

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Novena University adopts a differentiated fee structure based on program and level of study. This means the tuition fees vary across courses and year of study.

To clarity the understanding, let’s categorize the fees:

  • Undergraduate Fees:
    • Arts and Humanities: Tuition fees for programs like English, History, and Mass Communication range from N350,000 to N400,000 per academic year.


    • Social Sciences: Programs like Economics, Business Administration, and Political Science fall within the N380,000 to N420,000 range.


    • Science and Technology: Tuition fees for Engineering, Computer Science, and Nursing can range from N450,000 to N500,000 annually.


    • Professional Programs: For specialized programs like Law and Medicine, expect fees to be higher, reaching around N550,000 to N650,000 per year.


  • Postgraduate Fees:
    • Master’s Degree Programs: Master’s level programs generally see fees in the N500,000 to N600,000 range, depending on the specific program.


    • PhD Programs: Doctoral studies at Novena University have tuition fees ranging from N700,000 to N800,000 annually.


Additional Fees to Consider:

Besides tuition, several other fees contribute to your overall expense during your academic journey at Novena University. These include:

  • Acceptance Fee: A non-refundable fee of N25,000 is payable upon accepting your admission offer.


  • Accommodation Fee: Hostel accommodation fees vary depending on room type and can range from N150,000 to N250,000 per academic year.


  • Medical Fee: A mandatory annual medical fee of N20,000 covers basic healthcare services within the university.
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  • Other Fees: Additional fees may apply for specific programs, such as laboratory fees for science courses or studio fees for arts programs.


How much are the tuition fees at Novena University for undergraduate programs?

The answer depends on the specific program you are interested in. Tuition fees for undergraduate programs at Novena University range from N350,000 to N650,000 per year, with Arts and Humanities generally being the most affordable and professional programs like Law and Medicine being the most expensive.

Does Novena University offer scholarships and financial aid?

Yes, Novena University offers merit-based and need-based scholarships, as well as work-study programs, to help students finance their education. Contact the Admissions Office for detailed information and eligibility requirements.

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