Obong University School Fees For Nursing (2024)

Obong University School Fees for Nursing (2024) and FAQs

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Thinking about pursuing a career in Nursing at Obong University?

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay in fees for the 2024 academic year, along with some frequently asked questions about the university.

School Fees for Nursing (2024):

  • Obong University doesn’t list specific program fees, but nursing likely falls under the “Sciences” category in their fee schedule. This means you’re looking at a base tuition fee of N200,000.

  • On top of tuition, there are various mandatory charges, including:

    • Departmental/Faculty Dues: N10,000

    • Medical: N20,000

    • Sports: N5,000

    • Registration: N5,000

    • And others (Library, Exams, Students Welfare, etc.)

Here’s a tip: For the most accurate fee breakdown, contact the Obong University Admissions office directly. They can provide you with a personalized estimate considering your program and any additional costs like accommodation.

FAQs and Answers


How do I apply to Obong University?

A: Applications for the 2024/2025 session are now open! Check the university website for detailed information and download the application form.

What are the admission requirements for Nursing?

A: Contact Obong University directly for specific program requirements. They may vary depending on your background.

Does Obong University offer accommodation?

A: While the university website doesn’t explicitly mention on-campus housing, it’s always best to inquire with the Admissions office about available options or recommendations for student housing.


What scholarships or financial aid does Obong University offer?

A: Information on scholarships and financial aid might not be readily available online. Reach out to the Admissions office or Financial Aid department to explore any financial assistance programs.

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Can I find out more about the Nursing program?

A: Obong University likely has a department or faculty specifically for Nursing. Search their website for contact details or visit the department webpage for more program-specific information.

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