Top 3 Most Educated Tribe in South Africa

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Are you in South Africa or you are a student that want to know the most educated tribe in South Africa?.Feel relaxed, this article will provide the right answer for you just make sure you read it he post to the end.

There are many tribes in South Africa that are educated but some are more exposed to developing the intellectual resources of its citizenry, or are more concentrated on educating its citizens than the others who because of some certain debilitating factors cannot provide quality formal education.

In South Africa, the total number of ethnic backgrounds is not certain as many more are being discovered and come to knowledge of. However, among the tribes that have been discovered are those that are distinguished as more educated than the others. Obviously, these tribes are not selected only by the number of schools that are built within their geographical scope, but also by the number of intellectuals and the many innovations which their tribesmen are known for.

Most Educated Tribe in South Africa 

Most of the positions in the government departments in Gauteng are mostly occupied by these three tribes. They occupy about 95% of the professional post in Gauteng
With Zulu being the most dominant language in Gauteng, it is for this reason that many people who migrate to Gauteng learn this language. Some people believe that it is easy to learn this language. Even the foreign nationals that comes to Gauteng the first language they learn is Zulu.
Do not get mistaken when you hear most people speaks Zulu and think that they are Zulus. Zulu is somehow a language of communication that most people use in their day to day lives
Most of these tribes had to learn the Zulu language in oder to be accommodated and be acepted within the communities. This has made them even stronger because they adapt easy and learn most languages.The three most educated tribes are:

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1 Venda

Most educated tribe in South Africa
The venda people where amongst the poorest in South Africa.The most effective way of them getting out of poverty was through education.They work hard,which is one of the reasons they are most successful.The venda people are very well known for upholding their culture and roots.

2 Tsonga

Most educated tribe in South Africa
The tsonga people are well known for their music and the dance that is called shibelani.Tsonga people still follow their tradition and they embrace each other.

3 BaPedi

Most educated tribe in South Africa
The pedi people are known to have respect especially pedi woman towards their husbands.The pedi man have proven a number of times that they are family oriented because they do not forget where they come from.These man’s are even given a nickname (bomma) mom. As soon as the get a job, they think about their parents and they always emphasize how important the family is. This is a good example of the saying that says(charity start at home) but one can also argue that this is just a way of black tax. Either way they uphold their family’s teachings.

These tribes run Gauteng and they run almost 95% professional posts in GP

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