UI Cut Off Mark For Law (2024)

UI Cut Off Mark For Law

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If you’re aiming to don the iconic purple and white and delve into the world of law, understanding the admissions process is crucial.

Let’s break down the UI cut-off mark for Law in 2024 and answer some burning questions you might have.

For the 2024/2025 academic session, the general UI cut-off mark for all courses, including Law, stands at 200.

This means scoring at least 200 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is your first hurdle. But remember, this is just the bare minimum!

While 200 qualifies you for consideration, the competition for Law at UI is fierce. Aiming higher in your UTME is paramount.

Aspire for 250 or above to increase your chances significantly. Don’t forget the Post-UTME screening, where your performance can further boost your application.



Is the 200 cut-off for Law different from other courses?

No, the 200 cut-off mark applies to all courses at UI for the 2024/2025 session. However, individual departments might have higher departmental cut-off marks based on competition and program specifics.

What’s the departmental cut-off mark for Law?

Unfortunately, UI hasn’t released departmental cut-off marks yet. These are usually announced later in the admissions process. Stay tuned to the official UI website and reliable sources for updates.

Does scoring above the cut-off guarantee admission?

Not necessarily. While scoring above the cut-off makes you eligible, admission depends on various factors. Your Post-UTME performance, academic records, state of origin, and other considerations play a role.

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When are the UI Law admissions forms usually released?

The release date for UI admission forms typically falls between March and April each year. Keep an eye on the official UI website and educational websites for announcements.

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