What is ISS Certificate

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ISS Certificate mean the International Ship Security Certificate for the relevant Rig issued in accordance with the ISPS Code;

ISS certificate

Examples of ISS Certificate in a sentence

Within seven (7) days of the Delivery Date, the ISS Certificate, where applicable, in relation to the Vessel, a valid and current DOC issued pursuant to the ISM Code, a valid and current SMC issued in respect of the Vessel pursuant to the ISM Code and any other certificates issued under any applicable code required to be observed by the Vessel or in relation to its operation under Applicable Law.

Fourth, ships verified to be in compliance are issued with an International Ship Security Certificate (ISS Certificate).

The Port State Control inspection is limited to verifying that there is on board a valid International Ship Security Certificate (ISS Certificate) issued under the provisions of Part A of the ISPS Code.

When no valid ISS Certificate is produced upon request or when there are clear grounds for suspicion that the ship is otherwise not in compliance with SOLAS chapter XI or the ISPS Code, different control and measures may be taken.

When a valid ISS Certificate cannot be produced or when there are clear grounds for believing that the ship is not in compliance with the requirements of Chapter XI-2 or Part A of the ISPS Code, certain control measures may be taken against the ship.

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These include the Smart Columbus Operating System, the ISS Certificate Authority, the a Continuously Operating Reference Station, and the OBU Vendor Over-the-Air update service.

The ISS Certificate of Completion will be issued to registrants who have attended at least 75% of attendance, complete relevant assessments, submit their portfolio work and deliver the final presentation.

In addition, a port State may require that ships provide information to ensure compliance with Chapter XI-2 prior to entry into port, including information relating to the ISS Certificate, the security level of the ship, the security level at previous port calls, and security measures taken at previous port calls.

DISA was unable to provide RESI with enrollment levels associated with these partnerships.Certificate ProgramInformation Systems Information Systems multiple sessions per Security (ISS) Certificate Security (ISS) Certificate year Program ProgramSystems Administrator Systems Administrator multiple sessions per (SA) Certification (SA) Certification year Program.

An Interim ISS Certificate will be required on change of owner/ manager.

In order to achieve “ISS Prequalified” status, a candidate must pass through a comprehensive screening process which qualifies him or her to work for ISS. Following the screening process, we begin an even more detailed prequalification process in order to become an employee and eventually and on their way to “ISS Certified”.

For a health, safety and environmental (HSE) professional to become “ISS Certified”, he or she must meet the highest standards, pass our prequalification process, and then have had a history of successful projects. Only the best of the best in the safety industry is given the ISS Certification!

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The ISS Certification comes with many benefits, including:

• First shot at the projects we receive and opportunities with our best clients.
• Recognition within ISS of your accomplishments.

The criteria for ISS Certification include meeting the highest standards of field performance, live our vision;
bring workers safety home every night and exemplifying our values “Respect, Leadership, Performance and Integrity”.

ISS has negotiated a special arrangement with Teach-Now, recently renamed Moreland University, for educators within the ISS community to participate at a discounted tuition rate if they use this special link. Educators can earn their Master’s degree in Education and/or a teaching credential through this online learning experience. ISS receives no compensation for your participation; it is merely a benefit negotiated to support the ISS community

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