10 Most Competitive Course In University Of Lagos, Unilag

Most Competitive Course In University Of Lagos, Unilag

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The University of Lagos (Unilag), fondly referred to as “The Nation’s Pride,” is a prestigious institution coveted by many aspiring Nigerian students.

But with its reputation for excellence comes a competitive admissions process, especially for certain degree programs.

Here, we explore the 10 most competitive courses at Unilag, along with the top FAQs students have about getting into these programs.


The 10 Most Competitive Courses at Unilag


  • 1. Medicine and Surgery (College of Medicine):

This highly sought-after program boasts the highest JAMB cut-off mark at Unilag, typically exceeding 280. Along with exceptional academic performance, hopeful medical students must excel in the rigorous post-UTME screening.

  • 2. Dentistry (Faculty of Dental Sciences):

Dentistry is another fiercely competitive program with a demanding curriculum. Expect a JAMB cut-off mark in the high 70s and a competitive post-UTME process that assesses not just knowledge but also manual dexterity and problem-solving skills.

  • 3. Law (Faculty of Law):

A perennial favorite, Law at Unilag attracts a vast pool of talented applicants. Securing a spot requires a strong showing in both JAMB (typically above 250) and the post-UTME, which delves into analytical and critical thinking abilities.

  • 4. Pharmacy (Faculty of Pharmacy):

The growing demand for pharmacists fuels the competitiveness of this program. JAMB cut-off marks often hover around 240, and the post-UTME process emphasizes a well-rounded understanding of science subjects.

  • 5. Nursing Science (School of Clinical Sciences):
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Nursing is a noble profession with a competitive edge at Unilag. JAMB cut-off marks usually exceed 250, followed by a post-UTME that evaluates a candidate’s aptitude for patient care and critical thinking in clinical scenarios.

  • 6. Mass Communication (Faculty of Social Sciences):

This dynamic program attracts students passionate about media and communication. While the JAMB cut-off mark might be slightly lower than other programs on this list, the post-UTME is highly competitive, often involving creative assessments and interviews.

7. Computer Science (Faculty of Engineering):

The ever-evolving field of Computer Science draws a large applicant pool. A strong showing in JAMB (often exceeding 240) in Mathematics and relevant science subjects is crucial. Expect a post-UTME that tests both theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills in coding.

8. Accounting (Faculty of Management Sciences):

Accounting remains a popular choice due to its diverse career options. With a JAMB cut-off mark often exceeding 240, hopeful accountants must demonstrate strong analytical skills and a knack for numbers.

9. Economics (Faculty of Social Sciences):

Understanding economic forces is a valuable skill, making Economics a competitive program. JAMB cut-off marks typically fall in the mid-240s, and the post-UTME assesses a candidate’s analytical and problem-solving abilities in an economic context.

10. Architecture (Faculty of Environmental Sciences):

This program caters to students with artistic talent and a passion for design. While the JAMB cut-off mark might be in the mid-200s, securing a place requires a strong portfolio showcasing artistic ability and spatial reasoning. The post-UTME might also involve aptitude tests or design challenges.

FAQs on Unilag Admissions (and Answers)

What is the JAMB cut-off mark for Unilag?

JAMB cut-off marks vary depending on the program. However, competitive programs often have cut-off marks exceeding 240. It’s crucial to check the latest JAMB brochure or Unilag’s website for specific program requirements.

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How can I improve my chances of getting into a competitive program at Unilag?

  • Excel in JAMB: Aim for a score significantly higher than the program’s cut-off mark.

  • Prepare for the Post-UTME: Research past post-UTME formats and practice relevant skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and writing.

  • Maintain a good O’Level result: Strong performance in relevant subjects like Mathematics, English, and Sciences can strengthen your application.

What are my chances of getting into Unilag if I don’t choose a competitive course?

Unilag is a highly sought-after institution, so admission for any program is competitive. However, your chances increase if you choose a program with a lower cut-off mark and demonstrate a strong academic record.

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