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List of Universities that Accept 15-17 Year Olds in Nigeria

Universities that Accept 15-17 Year Olds in Nigeria

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For exceptionally bright and driven students, the traditional academic timeline might feel like a slow stroll through a vibrant marketplace when they’re eager to sprint.

Nigeria, recognizing this potential, offers a unique opportunity for high-achieving individuals: entrance into university at a younger age.

This early admission option allows 15-17 year olds to jump-start their higher education journeys, immersing themselves in academic rigor and intellectual exploration sooner than their peers.

But where do you begin your search for universities that cater to this age group? Worry not, for this comprehensive guide unveils a list of prestigious Nigerian institutions welcoming your early academic ambitions.


Public Universities:

  • University of Ibadan (UI): Renowned for its academic excellence, UI offers early entry through its Joint Matriculation Examination (JAMB) and Post-UTME.


  • University of Lagos (UNILAG): A top-tier institution known for its diverse academic programs, UNILAG opens its doors to young minds through JAMB and its internal screening process.


  • Ahmadu Bello University (ABU): Located in the heart of Northern Nigeria, ABU provides early admission opportunities through JAMB and its own aptitude test.


  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN): Nestled in the picturesque Southeast, UNN welcomes young talents through JAMB and its internal assessments.


  • University of Benin (UNIBEN): A hub for academic and cultural vibrancy, UNIBEN grants early entry based on JAMB and its university-specific exams.
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Private Universities:

  • Babcock University: Rooted in strong Christian values, Babcock University grants early admission based on its internal entrance examinations.


  • Covenant University: Committed to academic excellence and ethical leadership, Covenant University welcomes young minds through its rigorous entrance exams.


  • Afe Babalola University (ABUAD): Renowned for its focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, ABUAD offers early entry through its entrance exams and JAMB scores.


  • Bowen University: Dedicated to providing quality education with a Christian foundation, Bowen University accepts young students based on its own entrance exams and JAMB.


  • Igbinedion University: Offering a diverse range of programs, Igbinedion University grants early admission through its internal examinations and JAMB.


What are the benefits of early university admission in Nigeria?

Early admission allows high-achieving students to accelerate their academic progress, pursue their passions sooner, and potentially gain a competitive edge in their chosen field.

What are the challenges of starting university at a young age?

Students may face challenges like social and emotional adjustment, managing academic workload, and adapting to independence. Strong family support and personal maturity are crucial.

What are the specific entry requirements for early admission programs in Nigeria?

Requirements vary between universities but typically involve JAMB scores, internal university entrance exams, and aptitude tests. Refer to individual university websites or contact their admissions office for specific details.

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