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Azman University Kano Courses Offered

List Of Courses Offered In Azman University Kano

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Azman University Kano stands out for its commitment to providing quality education across a diverse range of disciplines.

Whether you’re drawn to the dynamic world of business, the intricacies of computer science, or the noble pursuit of healthcare, Azman University Kano offers a diverse of courses tailored to your aspirations.

Facilities In Azman University:


  • Faculty of Management and Social Sciences: This faculty nurtures future business leaders, entrepreneurs, and social scientists through programs such as Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, and Political Science.

  • Faculty of Computing and Information Technology: Embark on a journey into the digital realm with programs like Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Information Technology, equipping you for the ever-evolving technological landscape.

  • Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences: Unravel the mysteries of the natural world through programs such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, laying the foundation for a career in scientific research or innovation.

  • Faculty of Health Sciences: Dedicate yourself to the noble cause of healthcare with programs such as Nursing Science, Medical Laboratory Science, and Public Health, making a positive impact on the lives of others.

  • Faculty of Aviation: Soar to new heights with programs like Aviation Management and Aviation Security,preparing you for a career in the dynamic aviation industry.

List Of Courses Offered!

Within each faculty, a rich tapestry of undergraduate and postgraduate programs awaits, each carefully designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities to excel in your chosen field.

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Here’s a glimpse into the diverse course offerings across Azman University Kano’s faculties:

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences:

  • Business Administration (B.Sc.)
  • Accounting (B.Sc.)
  • Economics (B.Sc.)
  • Political Science (B.Sc.)
  • Public Administration (B.Sc.)
  • International Relations (B.Sc.)

Faculty of Computing and Information Technology:

  • Computer Science (B.Sc.)
  • Cybersecurity (B.Sc.)
  • Information Technology (B.Sc.)
  • Software Engineering (B.Sc.)
  • Data Science (B.Sc.)

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences:

  • Physics (B.Sc.)
  • Chemistry (B.Sc.)
  • Biology (B.Sc.)
  • Mathematics (B.Sc.)
  • Biochemistry (B.Sc.)
  • Microbiology (B.Sc.)

Faculty of Health Sciences:

  • Nursing Science (B.Sc.)
  • Medical Laboratory Science (B.Sc.)
  • Public Health (B.Sc.)
  • Health Care Administration and Hospital Management (B.Sc.)
  • Environmental Health Sciences (B.Sc.)

Faculty of Aviation:

  • Aviation Management (B.Sc.)
  • Aviation Security (B.Sc.)


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