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Cheapest University To Study Pharmacy In Nigeria

Cheapest University To Study Pharmacy In Nigeria

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Pharmacy is a dynamic and rewarding healthcare profession that offers a blend of scientific knowledge, clinical expertise,and patient care.

For aspiring pharmacists in Nigeria, pursuing a pharmacy degree is an exciting step towards a fulfilling career.

However, with rising educational costs, finding affordable tuition options can be a challenge.

If you’re seeking quality pharmacy education at a budget-friendly price, several universities in Nigeria offer competitive tuition fees without compromising academic rigor.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the most affordable universities to study pharmacy in Nigeria:

  1. Kaduna State University (KASU): Located in Kaduna State, KASU’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has earned a reputation for its affordability and commitment to producing competent pharmacists.
    The annual tuition fee for the pharmacy program is approximately N150,000, making it one of the most accessible options in the country.

  2. Gombe State University (GSU): Situated in Gombe State, GSU’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a comprehensive pharmacy program at a relatively low cost. The annual tuition fee for the pharmacy program is around N170,000, making it an attractive option for students seeking value for their investment.

  3. Delta State University (DELSU): Located in Delta State, DELSU’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has gained recognition for its affordability and quality education. The annual tuition fee for the pharmacy program is approximately N180,000, offering a balance between cost and academic excellence.

  4. Niger Delta University (NDU): Established in Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, NDU’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences provides a cost-effective pharmacy education. The annual tuition fee for the pharmacy program is around N190,000, making it a viable option for students seeking affordable quality education.

  5. Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU): Located in Ogun State, OOU’s Faculty of Pharmacy has a long-standing tradition of producing qualified pharmacists. The annual tuition fee for the pharmacy program is approximately N200,000, offering a balance between affordability and academic reputation.

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These universities consistently rank among the most affordable options for studying pharmacy in Nigeria. Their commitment to providing quality education at a reasonable cost makes them attractive choices for aspiring pharmacists seeking to pursue their dreams without breaking the bank.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Affordable University for Pharmacy

While tuition fees are a crucial factor, several other aspects should be considered when choosing an affordable university for pharmacy:

  1. Academic Reputation: Ensure the university has a strong academic reputation and accreditation in pharmacy education.

  2. Faculty Expertise: Consider the qualifications and experience of the pharmacy faculty to ensure you receive quality instruction.

  3. Clinical Rotations: Assess the availability and quality of clinical rotations to gain hands-on experience.

  4. Facilities and Resources: Evaluate the university’s facilities, including laboratories and libraries, to support your learning.

  5. Financial Aid Options: Explore financial aid opportunities, such as scholarships and bursaries, to further reduce financial burden.

  6. Location and Lifestyle: Consider your personal preferences regarding the university’s location and lifestyle to ensure a fulfilling learning experience.


Pursuing a pharmacy degree in Nigeria doesn’t have to strain your finances. By carefully considering affordable universities like KASU, GSU, DELSU, NDU, and OOU, you can embark on a rewarding career in pharmacy without breaking the bank.

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