Courses Under Art Department In Unilag

Courses Under Art Department In Unilag

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The University of Lagos (Unilag), a renowned institution of higher learning in Nigeria, offers a wealth of opportunities for aspiring artists to explore their creative talents and pursue their passions.

The Department of Creative Arts, a vibrant hub of artistic expression, provides a comprehensive curriculum across three distinct majors: Music, Theatre Arts, and Visual Arts.


  • Music Theory

  • Performance

  • Composition

  • Musicology

Theatre Arts:

  • Acting

  • Directing

  • Playwriting

  • Stagecraft

Visual Arts:

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Sculpture

  • Printmaking

  • Photography

  • Digital Art

Each major delves into the theoretical foundations and practical skills of its chosen field, empowering students to become proficient artists and storytellers.

Music students immerse themselves in the world of melodies and rhythms, while Theatre Arts students bring stories to life through captivating performances.

Visual Arts students explore a diverse range of mediums, expressing their creativity through colors, shapes, and textures.

Beyond the Classroom:

Unilag’s Art Department extends its learning beyond the classroom, providing students with a vibrant creative environment to showcase their talents and engage with the artistic community.

Workshops, seminars, and regular performances foster collaboration and allow students to learn from experienced artists and professors.

A Creative Oasis:

Unveiling the art courses at Unilag is an invitation to embark on a transformative journey of creative exploration.

Students are guided to develop their artistic talents, cultivate their creative vision, and pursue their passions in the world of art.

Whether drawn to the melodies of music, the captivating world of theatre, or the expressive power of visual arts,Unilag’s Art Department provides a nurturing environment where artistic spirits can flourish.

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