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Are you interested in knowing ncat application form? If so, then you are in the right page. Make sure you read the article.

ncat application form

Nigeria Civil Aviation Technology, Zaria admission form registration procedure for 2022/2023 admission year is very easy and straight forward. You will see for yourself as it has been outlined step by step approach for applying. Before going into details as regards NCAT admission form for 2022/2023 academic year, we shall be looking at the most frequently asked questions about the school’s admission form by past and present applicants.


The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) boasts of over 50 years of experience in the proviso of human resource development in the aviation industry in Africa gradually becomes a reputable source of aviation training provider globally. In NCT, training programs are done to meet national and international standards, so the quality is standard. Training is also provided to meet specific areas of need in the non-aviation fields as well such as computer equipment maintenance and satellite communication principles.

What is the NCAT Recruitment Portal

The reason most people get scammed when applying for a job online is that they visit the wrong portal. If you do not want to get scammed, then do visit the wrong portal. So having said that, what is the correct portal of NCAT for the recruitment?

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The National Examination Council portal for recruitment is Please take very good note of this portal to avoid visiting the wrong portal and getting your hard-earned money extorted from you. That will be very painful. So be warned and be guided as well.

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Requirements for NCAT Recruitment 2023

Here are the requirements that you need for the recruitment, but you have to also know that the recruitment is done online n the NCAT portal, and applicants will be required to upload all the original credentials on the portal. Applicants should also know that they are not to pay money to anybody online.

  • Applicants should have their NYSC discharge certificate plus at list three years of experience
  • Applicants Must Possess a Masters Degree in any relevant Field form a reputable and recognized institution
  • Applicant must Possess masters degree in courses in Aviation or related field- this is mandatory
  • Applicant should have a Degree in Aviation Management, Air Transport Management, or Engineering from a recognized institution with NYSC discharge certificate plus at least three (3) years teaching experience.


How to Apply for the Recruitment 2023

All interested applicants should head over to the NCAT portal at is and tender their application. Just make sure you have all the complete requirements and credentials. Fill the form online correctly and make sure you follow all our instructions.

If you need more help on how to succeed in recruitment, then read the steps below.

  1. Make sure to register not more than once on the portal to avoid disqualification.
  2. Ensure to use only originals of your credentials to avoid being accused of faking your documents.
  3. Make sure to register early as being among the first set gives you a chance of being shortlisted.
  4. Please Endeavour not to disclose your registration details to anybody to avoid being scammed by anybody.
  5. Do not use a shared email or phone number to register, let the email address you use be personal to you and the password is known only to you.
  6. signed up to our email list to stay updated a get all the updates that you need in just one click. This will ensure that you are among the first to get notified once an update has been released.
  7. Be very moderate in your dressing, do not be shabby in your dressing, neither should you overdress when you are going for the screening test or interview.
  8. Be clean-shaven as much as you can. Look very neat when you are going for the interview.
  9. Remember to leave comments on this blog to let s know how we can better serve you.
  10. And finally, stay on this blog to get the most updated information.
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Important Points to Note in NCAT Recruitment

There are lot of things you should take into consideration when applying for NCAT 2022. Getting the right information at the right time is very important which means you need to be visiting NCAT Portal on a regular basis.

Take note of the following information if you wish to be successful in getting employed by the NCAT.

  • Have all the necessary credentials
  • Scan and Upload your Credentials
  • NCAT Recruitment shortlist will be published shortly after
  • Don’t pay anyone who claims he can help you get a Job in NCAT.

NCAT Recruitment Closing Date

The NCAT recruitment closing date is not announced yet due to the recruitment is not out. Therefore, we advise that you continue visiting this web page for an immediate update concerning the NCAT recruitment.

NCAT Recruitment is an opportunity for all eligible applicants to apply for their preferred position. NCAT Recruitment is out to help the unemployed by offering employment opportunities.

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