HND Courses Offered at Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic

HND Courses Offered at Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic

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Choosing the right Higher National Diploma (HND) program is a crucial step towards your future career success.

If you’re drawn to the vibrant academic environment and diverse opportunities offered at Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic (HAFEDPOLY), understanding the institution’s HND courses is vital for navigating your academic journey.

This comprehensive guide delves into the HAFEDPOLY HND courses, empowering you to make informed decisions about your educational aspirations.

The institution’s HND programs are designed to provide students with advanced technical knowledge, practical skills development, and industry-relevant experience, preparing them for immediate employment in their chosen fields.

HAFEDPOLY offers a comprehensive range of HND programs across various academic disciplines, catering to a diverse range of interests and career aspirations. As of October 26, 2023, the institution offers the following HND courses:


School of Applied Sciences:

  • HND Computer Science: Master the principles of computer programming, software development, and network administration.
  • HND Statistics: Develop expertise in data analysis, statistical modeling, and research methodology.
  • HND Science Laboratory Technology: Gain practical skills in laboratory analysis, quality control, and research techniques in various scientific fields.
  • HND Environmental Management: Learn about environmental issues, sustainable development practices, and environmental impact assessment.

School of Engineering Technology:

  • HND Civil Engineering Technology: Master the principles of civil engineering design, construction, and infrastructure management.
  • HND Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology: Gain expertise in electrical power systems, electronics circuits, and automation technology.
  • HND Mechanical Engineering Technology: Develop skills in mechanical design, manufacturing processes, and maintenance engineering.
  • HND Chemical Engineering Technology: Learn about chemical processes, plant operation, and process optimization.
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School of Business and Management Technology:

  • HND Accounting: Master the principles of financial accounting, cost accounting, and auditing.
  • HND Business Administration and Management: Develop expertise in business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
  • HND Office Technology and Management: Gain skills in office administration, communication, and information management.
  • HND Tourism and Hospitality Management: Learn about tourism industry operations, hospitality services, and event management.

School of Arts and Design:

  • HND Fashion Design and Technology: Develop expertise in fashion design, garment construction, and textile technology.
  • HND Graphic Design: Master the principles of visual communication, branding, and digital design.
  • HND Fine and Applied Arts: Explore various artistic mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics.
  • HND Library and Information Science: Learn about library management, information retrieval, and knowledge organization.


HAFEDPOLY provides numerous opportunities for HND students to:

  • Gain practical experience: Participate in industrial internships, research projects, and community outreach initiatives to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.
  • Develop professional skills: Attend workshops and seminars on topics such as communication, teamwork, and leadership to enhance their professional readiness.
  • Network with industry professionals: Interact with industry experts through guest lectures, industry visits, and career guidance programs.
  • Contribute to the community: Engage in volunteer work and social responsibility initiatives to make a positive impact on society.

Why Choose HAFEDPOLY for Your HND Studies?:

  • Accredited Programs: All HND courses offered at HAFEDPOLY are fully accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), ensuring the quality and recognition of your education.

  • Experienced Faculty: A dedicated team of qualified and experienced faculty provides personalized guidance,mentorship, and support throughout your academic journey.

  • Modern Facilities: The institution is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, workshops, studios, and other resources to enhance your learning and practical skills development.

  • Industry Partnerships: HAFEDPOLY collaborates with leading companies and organizations to provide students with internship opportunities and career placements.

  • Affordable Tuition Fees: HAFEDPOLY offers competitive tuition fees, making quality HND education accessible to a wider range of students.

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