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Are you interested in knowing more about kosher toilet paper? If so, then you are on the right page. Feel relaxed and make sure you read this article to the end.

kosher toilet paper

The Kosher Innovations Shabbos Bathroom Tissue replaces the regular roll of toilet paper and hangs within easy reach. It’s pre-cut 2-ply toilet paper in a unique box. It pulls easily from the box just like facial tissue but unlike facial tissue, it is sized just right and won’t clog the toilet.

The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue is pre-cut so there’s no tearing on Shabbos. The decorative dispenser box clearly indicates to you, your family and your guests that this bathroom tissue is made especially for Shabbos. Look at the chart below to see what the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue can do for you.

Like many of you, I thought this was a joke, unfortunately it is not. It seems that there is a whole economy based on the ridiculous modern day stringencies posed by Rabbinical authorities who in my view should be more worried about mikvah molestation scandals then whether or not someone wipes their ass with toilet paper or tissues on shabbat.

The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue comes in an elegant and sturdy dispenser box. The durable cardboard material won’t break off of the roll holder and is strong enough to withstand heavy use, even by children. Each 8-pack contains four different box colors that are attractive and will complement any bathroom.

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The patent-pending box is designed with two fold-out flaps that can hang from any toilet roll holder. The boxes are sized so that they won’t stick out too far from the roll holder but will still hold more than enough tissue to last for longer than one Shabbos. If you prefer to have the box sit flat or sit at an angle, the flaps can be arranged to accommodate many different positions.

The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue is made of the same kind of paper as regular toilet paper. Many people use facial tissue on Shabbos but most plumbers advise against flushing it down the toilet because it does not break down as easily as toilet paper. It may even lead to clogs. The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue box is meant to break down after flushing.

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The most important and often overlooked part of bathroom preparations is making sure that you don’t mistakenly tear any paper on Shabbos. This relates to the prohibited melacha of Mechatech. Some people pre-tear their toilet paper and fill a basket with it. This is fine if you want to spend the time and effort but it often ends up with scraps of paper underfoot and wasted toilet paper. It’s also very hard to keep the pile of toilet paper looking neat and staying in the basket.

Some people use facial tissue. Many brands of facial tissue have sheets of paper that are attached by tiny perforations. This means that when you pull out a tissue, you are actually tearing the two sheets apart. There are a few brands of facial tissue that do not have perforations but they are often very expensive and the large size of the tissue sheets are often wasteful.


The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue from Kosher Innovations avoids the prohibited melacha of Mechatech on Shabbos. It does not tear because each sheet is individually pre-cut and folded. And since each sheet is the size of two toilet paper squares, you only take what you need, reducing wasted paper and saving you money. Most importantly, when you replace the regular toilet paper roll with Kosher Innovations Shabbos Bathroom Tissue your are preventing other people from accidentally tearing on Shabbos. This is true especially for children and any guests you may have who are unaware of the prohibition.

The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue comes in an elegant, sturdy box. The durable cardboard material won’t break off of the roll holder and is strong enough to withstand heavy use, even by children. Each multi-pack contains four attractively colored boxes to complement any bathroom decor.

Four colors to compliment any bathroomThe box has two fold-out flaps that allow it to hang from any toilet roll holder. Or if you prefer, the box can sit flat. It can even sit propped up on its flap at an angle. Your family will find the 120 Double-Size, 2-ply sheets per box a convenient size for Shabbos and Yom Tov.

The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue is sold in packages of eight so you will have enough for multiple bathrooms, spanning several Shabboses.

Check your local Jewish store for the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue. If they don’t have it yet, ask them to order some or order the Club Pack online.

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