Landmark University School Fees For Agriculture (2024/2025)

Landmark University: Agriculture School Fees

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Landmark University, renowned for its focus on agriculture and Christian values, is a top choice for many aspiring agriculturalists.

But before go into the world of crop science or animal production, it’s crucial to understand the financial aspects.

This blog post tackles Landmark University’s school fees for Agriculture programs in the 2024/2025 session and addresses the top FAQs students typically have.

Here’s the exciting news: Landmark University offers free tuition for all undergraduate Agricultural programs!

This initiative, launched in the 2018/2019 academic session, aims to make agricultural education more accessible and nurture future agricultural leaders.

So, if you’re passionate about agriculture and worried about tuition costs, Landmark University provides a fantastic opportunity.


Understanding Other Fees

While tuition is waived for Agriculture programs, there are other fees to consider.

Here’s a breakdown of estimated costs (subject to change):

  • Acceptance Fee: ₦50,000 (Nigerian Students) & $150 USD (International Students) – This non-refundable fee covers admission screening, acceptance letters, and administrative processes.

  • Accommodation: Landmark University offers on-campus housing. Costs vary depending on the room type, but expect a range of ₦150,000 – ₦300,000 per session.

  • Feeding: A standard meal plan can cost around ₦100,000 per semester. You can explore alternative options like self-catering, but factor in grocery expenses.

  • Books and Materials: Budget around ₦30,000 – ₦50,000 for textbooks, lab coats, and other course materials.

FAQs on Landmark University

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Is tuition truly free for all Agriculture programs?

Yes, tuition fees for undergraduate Agricultural programs are waived. You’ll only be responsible for other charges like acceptance fees, accommodation, and living expenses.

What’s the estimated total cost of studying Agriculture at Landmark University?

While tuition is free, consider an annual range of ₦430,000 – ₦830,000. This incorporates acceptance fees, accommodation (depending on the room type), a standard meal plan, and course materials. Remember, these are estimates, and your actual expenses may vary.

Does Landmark University offer financial aid for students with financial difficulties?

The university offers various financial aid options, but details for the upcoming session haven’t been released yet.

What are the benefits of studying Agriculture at Landmark University besides the free tuition?

Landmark University boasts a practical, hands-on approach to agricultural education. You’ll gain valuable experience through their farms, processing units, and entrepreneurial ventures.

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