List Of Accredited Courses Offered In Loam Polytechnic, Ikono

List Of Accredited Courses Offered In Loam Polytechnic, Ikono

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Are you seeking a vibrant and dynamic institution offering a diverse range of accredited courses, then look no further than Loam Polytechnic, Ikono.

This comprehensive guide will explore the accredited courses offered at the institution, empowering you to navigate your academic options and make informed decisions about your future.

Loam Polytechnic, Ikono recognizes the importance of providing students with a breadth of choices to match their individual interests and aspirations.

The institution boasts a comprehensive selection of accredited courses, leading to the National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) qualifications.

Whether you’re fascinated by the world of technology, drawn to the world of business, or passionate about exploring creative fields, Loam Polytechnic, Ikonoprovides you with the platform to delve into your chosen field and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed.

List Of Accredited Courses:

Loam Polytechnic, Ikono currently offers the following accredited courses:

Science and Technology:

  • Computer Science: Master the fundamentals of programming, software development, and computer networking.
  • Statistics: Gain expertise in data analysis, interpretation, and application across various disciplines.
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology: Develop practical skills in designing, installing, and maintaining electrical and electronic circuits and systems.
  • Computer Engineering Technology: Acquire knowledge and skills in hardware, software, and networking technologies.

Business and Management:

  • Accountancy: Become proficient in financial accounting, cost accounting, and auditing principles.
  • Business Administration & Management: Master fundamental business concepts and acquire skills in leadership,marketing, finance, and human resource management.
  • Office Technology & Management: Gain expertise in office software applications, communication skills, and administrative procedures.
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Other Disciplines:

  • Public Administration: Learn the principles and practices of public service management.
  • Mass Communication: Explore various communication channels, media production techniques, and public relations strategies.

Additional Information

Loam Polytechnic, Ikono believes in fostering a holistic learning experience. The institution goes beyond academic pursuits to offer a vibrant campus life with numerous opportunities for personal and professional development. Students can participate in:

  • Extracurricular activities: Join clubs and societies based on their interests, such as sports, music, drama, and debate.
  • Community service: Engage in initiatives that contribute to the local community and develop social responsibility.
  • Skills-based workshops: Enhance employability by acquiring additional skills in entrepreneurship, digital literacy,and leadership.


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