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List Of Cheapest Universities To Study Pharmacy In Nigeria 2024

Cheapest Universities To Study Pharmacy In Nigeria 2024

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List Of Cheapest Universities To Study Pharmacy In Nigeria 2024

Pursuing a career in pharmacy in Nigeria opens doors to an exciting and impactful profession. Pharmacists play a crucial role in healthcare, ensuring safe and effective medication usage.

But for aspiring pharmacists, the cost of education can be a significant hurdle.

Thankfully, several universities in Nigeria offer pharmacy programs at relatively affordable rates.

To help you navigate your options, here’s a comprehensive list of the cheapest universities to study pharmacy in Nigeria in 2024:

Federal Universities:

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka: With annual tuition fees starting at around ₦80,000, UNIZIK is a top choice for cost-conscious pharmacy students. The university boasts a renowned Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences with a strong track record of producing competent pharmacists.

University of Maiduguri: Situated in Borno State, UniMaid offers a Bachelor of Pharmacy program with tuition fees at a budget-friendly ₦70,000 per year. The university’s pharmacy program emphasizes community engagement and public health, preparing graduates for diverse career paths.

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria: ABU stands out for its affordable B.Pharm program, with annual fees around ₦65,000. The university’s Pharmacy Department enjoys a solid reputation for its research and academic rigor, attracting bright students from across Nigeria.

University of Ibadan: UI, a prestigious institution in Oyo State, offers a competitive B.Pharm program with fees starting at ₦90,000. While slightly higher than other options on this list, UI’s program benefits from its well-equipped facilities and experienced faculty.

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University of Nigeria, Nsukka: UNN, located in Enugu State, provides a B.Pharm program with annual fees around ₦85,000. The university’s Pharmacy Department emphasizes practical learning and equips graduates with the skills needed to thrive in the Nigerian healthcare landscape.

State Universities:

Akwa Ibom State University, Uyo: AKSU’s B.Pharm program stands out for its affordability, with annual fees starting at just ₦50,000. The university’s Pharmacy Department is relatively young but offers a vibrant learning environment with dedicated faculty.

Adeleke University, Ede: This private university in Osun State offers a B.Pharm program with annual fees starting at ₦150,000. Although not the cheapest option, Adeleke University presents a good value for the price, boasting modern facilities and a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship in pharmacy practice.

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife: OAU, a renowned university in Osun State, offers a B.Pharm program with annual fees at ₦160,000. While not the cheapest option, OAU’s program attracts top students and boasts a prestigious alumni network, leading to excellent career prospects.


A fulfilling career in pharmacy awaits, and many affordable options are available. By carefully researching and considering your priorities, you can find the perfect university to launch your journey toward becoming a valuable asset to the Nigerian healthcare system.


What are the admission requirements for studying pharmacy in Nigeria?

Admission requirements vary across universities, but typically include excellent grades in Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Some universities may also conduct entrance exams.

What are the job prospects for pharmacists in Nigeria?

The demand for qualified pharmacists is high in Nigeria, particularly in rural areas. Pharmacists can work in hospitals, clinics, community pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions. Career opportunities are diverse and offer good earning potential.

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Are there scholarships available for students studying pharmacy in Nigeria?

Yes, several scholarship opportunities exist, provided by the government, universities, private organizations, and NGOs. Research available scholarships and eligibility criteria to maximize your chances of receiving financial support.

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