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List Of Fastest University In Nigeria 2023/2024

Fastest University In Nigeria

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In the dynamic realm of higher education, academic calendars play a crucial role in structuring the learning experience for students.

While some universities adopt traditional semesters with a longer duration, others opt for shorter, more condensed academic cycles.

This variation in academic calendars can influence the pace of study and the overall learning experience.

Several Nigerian universities have implemented accelerated academic calendars, aiming to provide students with a more focused and efficient learning environment.

These institutions typically offer shorter semesters, allowing students to complete their degrees in a shorter period.

This approach can be particularly appealing to students seeking to accelerate their academic progress or juggle multiple commitments.


Identifying the Fastest Pacesetters

Several Nigerian universities stand out for their innovative academic calendars, offering faster completion times for undergraduate programs.

Here are some of the universities with the fastest academic calendars in Nigeria:

  • University of Lagos (UNILAG): UNILAG’s compressed academic calendar boasts two semesters per academic year, each spanning 15 weeks.

This accelerated approach allows students to complete their undergraduate programs in five years instead of the traditional six.

  • University of Benin (UNIBEN): UNIBEN’s trimester system comprises three semesters per academic year, each lasting 12 weeks.

This slightly longer semester duration compared to UNILAG’s compressed calendar still allows for a faster completion time, averaging five years and a half for undergraduate programs.

  • Bells University of Technology (BUT): BUT’s trimester system is similar to UNIBEN’s, with three semesters per academic year.

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However, BUT’s trimesters are slightly shorter, spanning 10 weeks each, resulting in an even faster completion time, averaging four years and nine months for undergraduate programs.

Benefits of a Faster Academic Calendar

The adoption of accelerated academic calendars by these universities offers several benefits for students:

  • Faster Completion Times: Students can graduate sooner, saving time and financial resources.

  • More Focus and Efficiency: Shorter semesters can lead to increased focus and engagement, as students are less likely to get bogged down in extended study periods.

  • Flexibility and Concurrent Studies: The faster pace can accommodate students who wish to pursue concurrent studies or engage in internships or part-time work.

Balancing Rapidity and Quality

While accelerated academic calendars offer enticing benefits, it’s crucial to maintain the quality of education. Universities implementing these systems must ensure that their curriculum remains rigorous and comprehensive, providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills for their chosen fields.


In the competitive landscape of Nigerian higher education, universities with innovative academic calendars are gaining recognition for their commitment to providing students with a fast-paced yet quality education.

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