List Of Private Universities That Accept JUPEB In Nigeria (2024)

Private Universities That Accept JUPEB In Nigeria (2024)

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JUPEB (Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board) offers a prestigious alternative to UTME, granting admission directly into 200 level in prestigious universities across Nigeria, both private and public.

JUPEB ensures you’re well-prepared for the demands of undergraduate life. And when it comes to private universities, the opportunities are truly astounding!

Private Universities That Accept JUPEB In Nigeria

Get ready to embark on a journey of academic exploration! Here’s a glimpse into the private universities that welcome JUPEB graduates with open arms:


  • Babcock University: Nestled in Ogun State, Babcock University, renowned for its academic excellence and strong Christian values, readily accepts JUPEB for various courses.


  • Bowen University: Located in Osun State, Bowen University, another beacon of Christian education, embraces JUPEB for programs ranging from Medicine to Law.


  • Afe Babalola University: In Ekiti State, Afe Babalola University, a champion of innovation and entrepreneurship,opens its doors to JUPEB students across diverse disciplines.


  • Bell’s University of Technology: In Ogun State, Bell’s University of Technology, a powerhouse in engineering and technology, welcomes JUPEB qualifiers to its cutting-edge programs.


  • Caleb University: Situated in Lagos State, Caleb University, a haven for academic and spiritual growth, readily accepts JUPEB for numerous courses aligned with its Christian ethos.


  • Redeemer’s University: Nestled in Osun State, Redeemer’s University, a bastion of faith and academic excellence,embraces JUPEB students for various programs in humanities, sciences, and beyond.
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  • Kwararafa University: In Taraba State, Kwararafa University, a rising star in the northeast, readily welcomes JUPEB graduates for exciting academic pursuits.


  • Novena University: In Delta State, Novena University, a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, embraces JUPEB for diverse programs, equipping students for success in the modern world.


  • Fountain University: In Osun State, Fountain University, a beacon of Islamic learning and scholarship, opens its doors to JUPEB students for various programs grounded in faith and knowledge.

Choosing Your Perfect Match: Beyond JUPEB Acceptance

While JUPEB acceptance is a crucial first step, remember to consider other factors when making your final decision.Explore factors like:

  • Program Offerings: Does the university offer your desired course of study with a strong academic reputation?

  • Facilities and Resources: Does the university boast modern infrastructure, labs, libraries, and other resources conducive to your learning?

  • Fees and Scholarships: Can you afford the tuition fees? Are there scholarship opportunities available?

  • Location and Campus Life: Does the university’s location suit your needs and preferences? What is the campus atmosphere like?

By carefully considering these factors alongside JUPEB acceptance, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect private university that will catapult you to academic success and fulfill your dreams.

FAQ About JUPEB and Private Universities in Nigeria (2024)

Which private universities accept the highest number of JUPEB students?

While specific numbers can vary, universities like Afe Babalola University, Babcock University, and Bowen University have a strong reputation for accepting a significant number of JUPEB graduates.

Do all private universities in Nigeria accept JUPEB?

No, not all private universities do. It’s crucial to check each university’s specific admission requirements to ensure JUPEB is accepted for your desired program.


Are there additional requirements for JUPEB graduates seeking admission into private universities?

Yes, some universities might require additional tests or interviews beyond your JUPEB results.

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