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List of Universities for Girls Only in Nigeria

Universities for Girls Only in Nigeria

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List of Universities for Girls Only in Nigeria

There are no universities exclusively for girls in the true sense, However, Nigeria has a large network of Federal Government Girls’ Colleges (FGGCs).

These institutions offer a unique learning environment specifically designed to empower young women academically, socially, and personally.

Why Consider an FGGC?

There are several compelling reasons why parents might consider an FGGC for their daughters:

  • Single-sex environment: Research suggests that girls in single-sex schools often experience increased confidence, leadership skills, and academic achievement. Free from gender stereotypes and the pressure to compete with boys, they can flourish in a supportive and empowering atmosphere.
  • Focus on girls’ well-being: FGGCs prioritize holistic development, nurturing not just academic excellence but also emotional intelligence, social responsibility, and personal growth.
  • Quality education: These institutions boast highly qualified teachers, well-equipped facilities, and diverse curricula, preparing students for competitive universities and future careers.
  • Scholarship opportunities: Several FGGCs offer scholarships and financial aid, making quality education accessible to girls from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong alumni network: FGGCs have built a powerful alumni network of successful women leaders across various fields, providing mentorship and valuable career guidance.

List of Federal Government Girls’ Colleges in Nigeria (by State):


  • FGGC, Sokoto
  • FGGC, Birnin Kebbi
  • FGGC, Gombe
  • FGGC, Bauchi
  • FGGC, Zaria


  • FGGC, Maiduguri
  • FGGC, Yola
  • FGGC, Jalingo
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  • FGGC, Abuja
  • FGGC, Minna
  • FGGC, Ilorin
  • FGGC, Bida
  • FGGC, Kabba


  • FGGC, Oyo
  • FGGC, Akure
  • FGGC, Ibadan
  • FGGC, Omu-Aran
  • FGGC, Ipetumodu


  • FGGC, Calabar
  • FGGC, Uyo
  • FGGC, Owerri
  • FGGC, Yenagoa
  • FGGC, Yenegoa


  • FGGC, Onitsha
  • FGGC, Owerri
  • FGGC, Ebunu
  • FGGC, Abagana


Are there any true universities for girls only in Nigeria?

No, currently, there are no private or public universities exclusively for girls in Nigeria. However, the Federal Government Girls’ Colleges (FGGCs) offer a similar experience with a strong focus on girls’ education and empowerment.

What are the benefits of attending an FGGC?

FGGCs offer several benefits, including a single-sex environment, focus on girls’ well-being, quality education, scholarship opportunities, and a strong alumni network.

How can I find the right FGGC for my daughter?

Consider factors like location, academic strengths, extracurricular activities, boarding facilities, and personal preferences. Researching each college’s website and visiting them if possible can provide valuable insights.

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