Maryam Abacha University Kano School Fees for Medicine (2024)

Medical Degree: Maryam Abacha University Kano School Fees for Medicine

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Aspiring doctors, this post is for you!

If you’ve set your sights on studying medicine at Maryam Abacha American University Kano (MAAUN).

Here’s a breakdown of the school fees you can expect for the 2024 academic year.

Key Takeaway: Tuition for Medicine

The main cost to consider is the annual tuition fee for the Medicine program.

According to the MAAUN website, this stands at ₦ 1,520,000 for the 2023/2024 session.

Additional Fees to Factor In

On top of tuition, there are some additional fees to keep in mind:

  • Application Fee (Freshmen only): ₦ 40,000
  • Medical Screening Fee: ₦ 20,000
  • Matriculation Fee (Freshmen only): ₦ 30,000

Total Estimated Cost

For a first-year medical student, the total estimated cost would be:

  • Tuition: ₦ 1,520,000
  • Application Fee: ₦ 40,000 (applicable only in the first year)
  • Medical Screening Fee: ₦ 20,000
  • Matriculation Fee: ₦ 30,000 (applicable only in the first year)

Estimated Total: ₦ 1,610,000

Pro Tip: Double-Check and Stay Updated

Remember, this is an estimate based on the information available on the MAAUN website for the 2023/2024 session.

Do you have any questions about studying medicine at MAAUN Kano? Feel free to leave a comment below!


FAQs and Answers about MAAUN Kano on Google Search


What are the programs offered at MAAUN Kano?

MAAUN Kano offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across several faculties, including Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, and Social Sciences.

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What are the admission requirements for MAAUN Kano?

Admission requirements vary depending on the program you’re applying for. Generally, for undergraduate programs, you’ll need a good WASSCE or NECO score and may need to take additional entrance exams. For postgraduate programs, you’ll typically need a relevant bachelor’s degree with a good grade point average. Check the MAAUN website for specific requirements for your chosen program.

What are the tuition fees at MAAUN Kano?

Tuition fees vary depending on the program. This blog post gives a breakdown of the estimated costs for the Medicine program for the 2024 academic year: ₦ 1,520,000 with additional fees for freshmen. It’s always best to consult the MAAUN website for the latest fee structure for your specific program.

Does MAAUN Kano offer scholarships?

There’s no clear information available on the MAAUN website about scholarships specifically for the Medicine program. However, it’s recommended to contact the university directly.

How do I apply to MAAUN Kano?

The application process typically involves submitting an online application form, relevant academic transcripts, and exam scores.

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