Nasarawa State University Hostel Fees For Freshers And Returning Students

Nasarawa State University Hostel Fees

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Nasarawa State University, a renowned institution of higher learning in Nigeria, provides comprehensive accommodation options for its students.

This guide will walk you down the intricacies of Nasarawa State University hostel fees, offering clarity and guidance to prospective students and their families.

Nasarawa State University Hostel Fee Structure

Nasarawa State University’s hostel fee structure is designed to cover the expenses associated with providing students with comfortable and secure accommodation.

The annual hostel fee for the 2023/2024 academic session is ₦25,000 for undergraduate students. This fee covers the entire academic year and includes bed space, maintenance fee, and access to shared facilities such as common rooms, kitchens, and laundry areas.

Payment Options and Early Bird Discounts

Recognizing the financial constraints faced by some students, Nasarawa State University offers flexible payment options for hostel fees.

Students can opt to pay their hostel fees in installments throughout the academic year. Additionally, the university offers an early bird discount of 20% for those who settle their hostel fees in full before the stipulated deadline. This discount effectively reduces the annual hostel fee to ₦20,000 for early bird applicants.

Factors Influencing Hostel Fee Variations

It is important to note that the hostel fee for undergraduate students at Nasarawa State University may vary slightly depending on factors such as:

  • Room Type: The university offers different room types, such as single rooms, shared rooms, and self-contained apartments. The fees for these room types may differ accordingly.

  • Year of Admission: Hostel fees are subject to periodic adjustments, and the fees for newly admitted students may differ from those of continuing students.

  • Exchange Rate Fluctuations: As the Nigerian naira is susceptible to fluctuations against foreign currencies, the hostel fees may need to be adjusted accordingly to cover the costs of imported materials and equipment.

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Financial Assistance Opportunities for Students

Prospective students who may face financial challenges are encouraged to explore various avenues for financial assistance, such as:

  • Government Scholarships and Loans: The Nigerian government offers various scholarship and loan programs for students pursuing higher education.

  • Private Scholarships and Grants: Numerous private organizations and foundations provide scholarships and grants specifically for university students.

  • Work-Study Programs: Nasarawa State University offers work-study programs that allow students to earn money while pursuing their studies.


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