NGO sensitises Osun girls to sex education, harassment

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A non-governmental organisation, Voices Against Rape and Sexual Harassment Foundation, held a sex education programme in the Ikirun area of Osun State. The event, between June 19 and 25, was aimed at sensitising young girls, ladies, and other dwellers to child abuse, sexual harassment, and domestic violence, among others.

According to the Executive Director of VARSH Foundation, Salvation Aworanti, the organisation reached out to schools, mosques, churches, marketplaces, houses, and slums to teach and sensitise people to ways to prevent child sexual abuse.

“From 19 to June 25, 2022, VARSH, a youth-led organisation initiated, as usual, another ‘Reach Every Child’ project, a frequently organised outreach by the organisation. Also, this happens to be the fifth edition. The project was held at Ikirun community in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Osun.

“Sunday, June 19, was for the arrival of stakeholders (team leaders) as well as volunteers.

“At Eko-Ende on June 20, 2022, we commenced the activities of the 5.0 edition of Project RECH in the nooks and crannies of the village community with the ‘House-to-House Sensitisation’ where villagers were sensitised on our collective roles in fighting sexual abuse and most importantly, child sexual abuse; which is one of the core aims of the organisation.

“While on the subsequent days of the project, we reached out to schools, mosques, churches, market places, house-to-house, slum areas, to teach and sensitise people on ways to prevent child sexual abuse,” Aworanti said in a report made available to The PUNCH.

The organisation noted that the project was aimed at sensitising the masses on the importance of sex education and the need to speak up against rape and sexual harassment as well as assaults in the society.

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“At VARSH Foundation, we believe sex education is essential in curbing the menace of sexual abuse in our society. The fear of society to initiate discussions on sex in the public is of utmost disadvantage. In our engagement with parents, we encouraged them on open and mutual understanding between them and their wards. When there is a mutual connection between the parents and their children, it will become easier and give more avenues to nab the perpetrators of sexual assaults; as the victim (s) will be free to express and expose the offender(s).

“On the part of the children, we encouraged them to always speak up in case they are being sexually abused or harassed,” she added.

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