Redeemer University School Fees for Engineering (2024 SESSION)

Redeemer University School Fees for Engineering

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Building a future in engineering requires a solid foundation, and navigating the financial roadblocks is crucial.

If Redeemer University’s prestigious Engineering programs have caught your eye, understanding Redeemer University School Fees for Engineering Students in 2024 becomes your next important step.

Fear not, future innovators!

This comprehensive guide demystifies the fee structure, empowering you to make an informed decision about your engineering journey.

The Cost Structure:

Redeemer University, renowned for its Christian values and exceptional engineering education, prioritizes affordability while ensuring top-notch academic standards.

Their fee structure, categorized as follows, balances these priorities:

  • Tuition Fees: The heart of your investment, covering the curriculum, instruction, and practical components of your chosen engineering program. These fees vary depending on your year of study and specific program, ranging from ₦1,447,000 for 100 level students in some programs to ₦1,525,000 for final year students in others.

  • Acceptance Fee: Upon securing your admission, this one-time payment of ₦25,000 confirms your place in Redeemer’s esteemed engineering school.

  • Student Fee: This ₦40.53 per-course charge supports student life, athletics, and library services, enriching your campus experience.

  • Ombudsman Fee: This nominal ₦0.60 per-course expense ensures fair resolution of any potential academic concerns.

  • Student Senate Fee: Contributing ₦12.00 per course, this fee empowers student representation and promotes campus engagement.

  • Student Success Fee: To enhance your academic journey, a termly ₦120.00 fee supports academic mentoring and resources.

  • Learning Fee: Another termly charge of ₦32.00 ensures access to cutting-edge learning tools and technology, vital for engineering studies.

  • Security Services Fee: For your peace of mind, a termly ₦7.50 fee maintains campus security.

  • One Card Fee: For first-year engineering students only, this ₦25.00 fee equips you with a digital campus ID card.

Understanding Year-Wise Costs:

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Let’s break down the estimated first-year fees for a 100 level student in a program with tuition fees of ₦1,447,000:

  • Tuition Fees: ₦1,447,000

  • Acceptance Fee: ₦25,000

  • Student Fee: (10 courses) ₦405.30

  • Ombudsman Fee: (10 courses) ₦6.00

  • Student Senate Fee: (10 courses) ₦120.00

  • Student Success Fee: (2 terms) ₦240.00

  • Learning Fee: (2 terms) ₦64.00

  • Security Services Fee: (2 terms) ₦15.00

  • One Card Fee: ₦25.00

Total Estimated First-Year Fees: ₦1,663,470.30

Remember, these are just estimates, and the actual amount might vary depending on your chosen program, course load,and individual circumstances.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are there additional fees for engineering materials or lab equipment?

While the aforementioned fees cover the majority of expenses, some engineering programs might require additional costs for specific materials, lab equipment, or field trips. Always check with your department for program-specific fee details.

 Can I pay my fees in installments for the engineering program?

Yes, Redeemer University offers flexible payment plans to cater to diverse financial needs. Contact the Finance Department to explore available options and arrange installment payments.

Do scholarships specifically for engineering students exist at Redeemer?

Absolutely! As mentioned earlier, Redeemer offers the Engineering Merit Scholarship, Need-Based Scholarships, and other financial aid options

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