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Uniosun School Fees For Indigene

Uniosun School Fees For Indigene

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Osun State University (UNIOSUN) has consistently attracted aspiring students from diverse backgrounds.

While the pursuit of higher education often comes with financial considerations, UNIOSUN offers a structured and transparent school fees structure that caters to the needs of its students,particularly indigenes of Osun State.

Understanding the School Fees Structure

UNIOSUN’s school fees structure is designed to ensure that access to quality education remains open to all qualified indigenes. The fees are categorized into various components, including:

  • Tuition: The primary component of school fees, covering the direct costs associated with instruction and academic resources.

  • Acceptance Fee: A one-time fee paid upon admission to the university.

  • Development Levy: A fee allocated towards the university’s infrastructural development and improvement of facilities.

  • Student Union Fee: A fee supporting the activities and initiatives of the student union.

  • Departmental Fee: A fee specific to each academic department, covering departmental resources and activities.

  • Hostel Accommodation Fee: Applicable for students opting to reside in university-provided housing.

School Fees for Indigene Undergraduate Students

For the 2023/2024 academic session, UNIOSUN has set the following school fees for indigene undergraduate students:

School Fees for Indigene Postgraduate Students

For the 2023/2024 academic session, UNIOSUN has set the following school fees for indigene postgraduate students:

Program Tuition Acceptance Fee Development Levy Student Union Fee Departmental Fee Hostel Accommodation Fee Total
Master’s N40,000 N10,000 N5,000 N1,000 N10,000 N20,000 N86,000
PhD N50,000 N10,000 N6,000 N1,000 N10,000 N20,000 N97,000

Payment Options and Financial Aid Opportunities

UNIOSUN offers various payment options to accommodate the financial circumstances of its students. These options include:

  • Full Payment Plan: Paying the entire school fees upfront.

  • Installment Plan: Splitting the school fees into smaller installments over the course of the academic year.

  • Bank-Facilitated Loans: Utilizing partnerships with banks to access financial assistance.

Additionally, UNIOSUN provides various financial aid opportunities, including scholarships, bursaries, and student loans,to support deserving students with demonstrated financial need and academic excellence.


UNIOSUN’s school fees structure for indigene students reflects the institution’s commitment to making quality education accessible and affordable.

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