Caleb University School Fees For Nursing (2024)

Caleb University School Fees For Nursing

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Nursing is a noble profession in high demand, and aspiring nurses often search for universities with quality programs and transparent fee structures.

If Caleb University’s Nursing program piques your interest, navigating the fee structure can feel daunting. Worry not, future healthcare heroes!

This blog post unpacks Caleb University’s Nursing School fees for 2024, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Understanding the Basics:

  • Fee Structure: Caleb University employs a tiered system for tuition fees, with each program categorized depending on its resource requirements.

  • Additional Charges: Remember, tuition fees are just one part of the equation. Factor in other charges like acceptance fees, accommodation, textbooks, and other miscellaneous expenses.



What are the tuition fees for the Nursing program in 2024?

Unfortunately, exact figures for the 2024 Nursing program fees are not available yet. However, you can estimate the range based on the previous year’s information:

  • 2023 Fees: N505,500 – N515,500 for programs under the Faculty of Arts, Social & Management Sciences. N610,500 – N620,500 for programs under the Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences.
  • 2024 Estimate: Expect a similar range with a slight potential increase due to inflation and other factors.

Are there scholarships or financial aid options available?

Yes, Caleb University offers various scholarships and financial aid programs to deserving students. These include merit-based scholarships, need-based financial aid, and departmental awards.

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What are the additional costs associated with the program?

Expect to incur additional costs for:

  • Acceptance fee: Varies depending on your application type (Nigerian/International).
  • Accommodation: On-campus housing options come with their own fee structure. Explore the website for details.
  • Textbooks and materials: Budget for essential course materials.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses: Transportation, meals, and personal needs.

Can I pay my fees in installments?

Yes, Caleb University offers a payment plan option. Typically, fees can be split into three installments: 50% at the beginning, 25% after Christmas break, and the remaining 25% at the start of the second semester.

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