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Caleb University School Fees For Pharmacy (2024)

Caleb University School Fees For Pharmacy

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Aspiring pharmacists, your quest for knowledge at Caleb University begins with understanding the financial structure.

This blog post details the 2024 school fees for the Pharmacy program, along with addressing frequently asked questions found on Google searches.

Pharmacy Program Fees (2024):

Here’s an estimate using the calculator (remember, these are approximations, consult the official university website for final figures):

  • Tuition: The Pharmacy program likely falls under the “Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences” category, with fees ranging from ₦610,500 – ₦620,500 per session.

  • Additional fees: Expect charges for items like acceptance, medicals, library, technology, ID card, and departmental dues. These can add up to ₦100,000 – ₦150,000 per session.

  • Accommodation: On-campus housing varies based on type and sharing arrangements. Budget ₦250,000 – ₦500,000 per session for a basic room.

Total estimated cost per year: ₦960,500 – ₦1,270,500.



Does Caleb University offer scholarships for Pharmacy students?

Yes, the university offers merit-based and need-based scholarships. Explore their website and financial aid office for details and application procedures.

What are the admission requirements for the Pharmacy program?

Meeting the university’s general admission requirements is crucial. Additionally, you’ll need strong scores in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics in your WAEC or NECO exams.

 Is the Pharmacy program accredited?

Yes, the program is accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN), ensuring it meets national standards.

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What are the career prospects after graduating with a Pharmacy degree from Caleb University?

Graduates can pursue diverse paths, including community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, drug research, pharmaceutical sales, and more. The university’s strong alumni network can also aid your job search.

Does Caleb University provide internship opportunities for Pharmacy students?

Yes, the program integrates practical training through partnerships with hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare institutions.

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