Covenant University School Fees For Medicine And Surgery

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Covenant University is a leading private university in Nigeria renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to producing well-rounded medical professionals.

The College of Medicine at Covenant University is accredited by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), ensuring that graduates meet the highest standards of medical education.

Understanding Covenant University’s School Fees Structure

Covenant University’s school fees for medicine and surgery programs are structured to provide quality education while ensuring affordability for aspiring medical professionals. The following is a breakdown of the general tuition fees for medicine and surgery students:

Year of Study Tuition Fee
100 Level (Freshmen) N1,225,000
200 Level N1,225,000
300 Level N1,225,000
400 Level N1,225,000
500 Level N1,225,000
600 Level N1,225,000

Additional Fees

In addition to tuition fees, medicine and surgery students will also be required to pay additional fees, including:

  • Acceptance fee
  • Registration fee
  • Medical examination fee
  • Hostel accommodation fee (optional)

Payment Options

Covenant University offers various payment options for school fees, including:

  • Bank payment
  • Online payment portal
  • Payment through designated agents

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Covenant University provides a range of financial aid and scholarship opportunities to support students with demonstrated academic excellence or financial need. These include:

  • Federal government scholarships
  • State government scholarships
  • University-based scholarships
  • Bursaries

Ensuring Financial Preparedness

To ensure financial preparedness for your Covenant University medical education journey, consider the following tips:

  • Plan and budget: Create a detailed budget outlining your expected expenses, including tuition fees, acceptance fees, accommodation costs, living expenses, and medical-related textbooks and materials.

  • Explore financial aid options: Research and apply for available scholarships, bursaries, or grants.

  • Seek employment opportunities: Consider part-time or full-time employment to supplement your finances.

  • Communicate with your family: Discuss your financial situation with your family and seek their support.

  • Utilize financial counseling services: Covenant University offers financial counseling services to assist students in managing their finances and accessing financial aid.

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Covenant University is committed to providing quality and affordable medical education to all aspiring physicians and surgeons. By understanding the school fees structure, exploring financial aid options, and planning effectively, you can navigate the financial aspect of your university journey with confidence and ease.

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