Does Veritas University Offer Medicine and Surgery?

Veritas University Medicine and Surgery?

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As you begin your journey into the field of healthcare, understanding the educational opportunities available is crucial for making informed decisions.

This guide explores whether Veritas University offers medicine and surgery programs, as well as potential career paths for aspiring medical professionals.

While Veritas University currently does not offer a dedicated undergraduate program in medicine and surgery, it is actively working towards establishing one in the near future.

Future Medical Programs at Veritas University

In the coming years, Veritas University plans to introduce a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program.

This program will provide a comprehensive pathway for aspiring doctors to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to practice medicine.

The university is currently working with regulatory bodies to obtain the necessary approvals and accreditations for this program.

Alternative Pathways to Medical Practice

Even though Veritas University does not yet offer an undergraduate medical program, there are still alternative pathways for individuals interested in pursuing a career in medicine:

  • Pre-medical studies: Veritas University offers pre-medical courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. These courses provide a strong foundation for further studies in medicine.

  • Direct entry into medical school: After completing pre-medical studies and obtaining the required qualifications,students can apply for direct entry into medical school at other institutions.

  • Postgraduate medical education: Veritas University plans to offer postgraduate medical programs, such as residencies and fellowships, for physicians who have already completed their undergraduate medical education.


Career Prospects for Medical Professionals

Medicine offers a wide range of career opportunities for individuals who are passionate about helping others and have a strong interest in science. Here are some common career paths:

  • Clinical practice: Physicians can work in hospitals, clinics, or specialized medical centers to provide medical care to patients.

  • Research: Physicians can engage in research activities to help advance medical knowledge and develop new treatments for various diseases.

  • Teaching: Physicians can pursue a career in medical education and teach future generations of doctors.

  • Public health: Physicians can work in public health organizations to focus on disease prevention, health promotion, and community health initiatives.


Despite not currently offering an undergraduate program in medicine and surgery, Veritas University remains committed to healthcare education and has plans to introduce a comprehensive MBBS program in the near future.

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