Fountain University School Fees Per Semester (2024/2025 Session)

Fountain University School Fees Per Semester (2024/2025 Session)

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Planning your academic journey at Fountain University? Understanding the school fees per semester is crucial for budgeting and financial preparation.

This guide unveils the 2024/2025 session’s fee structure, providing a clear breakdown of costs and payment options.

Whether you’re a prospective freshman or a returning student, this article simplifies the fee landscape, empowering you to make informed decisions about your Fountain University experience.


Understanding the Fee Structure:

Fountain University categorizes fees into two main sections: academic fees and other fees.

  • Academic Fees: These are directly related to your academic program and level of study. They cover the cost of tuition, laboratory equipment, library resources, and faculty supervision.


  • Other Fees: These encompass additional expenses, including acceptance fees, medical tests, hostel accommodation, and student union dues.

Breakdown of Academic Fees:

The most significant component of your semesterly bill will be the academic fees. Fountain University applies a tiered system based on your program and year of study. Here’s a general overview:

Program/Level Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Undergraduate Science/Social Science N350,000 N360,000 N370,000 N380,000 N390,000
Undergraduate Law N400,000 N410,000 N420,000 N430,000 N440,000
Undergraduate Engineering N450,000 N460,000 N470,000 N480,000 N490,000
Postgraduate Programs N600,000 N610,000 N620,000 N630,000 N640,000

Other Fees to Consider:

Aside from academic fees, your semesterly bill will also include additional charges. Here are some key ones:

  • Acceptance Fee: N60,000 (One-time payment for newly admitted students)
  • Medical Test and X-ray: N10,000
  • Matriculation Gown: N2,000
  • Portal Access Fee: N2,000
  • Hostel Accommodation: Varies depending on room type and availability.
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Payment Options and Installments:

Fountain University offers flexible payment options to ease the financial burden. Students can choose to pay:

  • Full Semester Fee: Pay the entire semester fee upfront before the commencement of the session.


  • Installments: Split the academic fees into two or three installments spread throughout the semester. Please note, installment options and deadlines may vary for different programs or years of study.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Fountain University recognizes the importance of financial accessibility and offers various scholarship and financial aid programs to deserving students.

These programs are based on academic merit, financial need, and participation in specific extracurricular activities. For detailed information and eligibility criteria, visit the university’s scholarship webpage or contact the Financial Aid Office.


Are there discounts for indigenes of Osun State?

  • Currently, Fountain University does not offer any tuition fee discounts based on state of origin. However, some states may offer scholarships or bursaries to their indigenes studying at the university. You can check with your state government or scholarship agencies for relevant information.

Do the academic fees cover hostel accommodation?

  • No, the academic fees do not include hostel accommodation fees. Hostel charges are separate and vary depending on the room type and availability. You can find detailed hostel fee information on the university’s website or by contacting the Hostel Management Unit.

What happens if I cannot pay my fees on time?

  • Late payment penalties will be applied for overdue fees. The specific penalty amount and grace period may vary depending on the fee category and payment timeline. It’s crucial to prioritize timely payments to avoid penalties and potential course withdrawal.
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