FCTET Akoka School Fees: Freshers & Returning Students (2024/2025)

FCTET Akoka School Fees: Freshers & Returning Students (2024/2025)

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Are you searching for FCTET Akoka school fees for students 2024/2025?

Fear not, future scholars! This blog post will unveils the mysteries of FCTET Akoka School Fees for both freshers and returning students, empowering you to budget like a pro and focus on what truly matters .

FCTET Akoka School Fees for Freshers: A Crystal-Clear Breakdown

Program Level Tuition Fees Accommodation Fees Acceptance Fees Total Fees
National Diploma (ND) Year 1 NGN 250,000 NGN 150,000 NGN 25,000 NGN 425,000
Higher National Diploma (HND) Year 1 NGN 300,000 NGN 180,000 NGN 30,000 NGN 510,000
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Year 1 NGN 350,000 NGN 200,000 NGN 35,000 NGN 585,000

Please Note:- The school fees are subject to change. Always check the school website: ““ for more details.


Returning Students! Understanding Fee Similarities and Differences

For our esteemed returning students, the good news is that fees generally remain consistent across academic years within the same program.

However, slight adjustments for inflation or program updates might occur. Stay informed by checking the FCTET Akoka website or contacting the finance department for any fee changes.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

FCTET Akoka recognizes the financial challenges some students face. To ease the burden, they offer various financial aid programs and scholarships based on merit, need, or specific program criteria.

Explore the available options on the FCTET Akoka website and apply early to maximize your chances of securing valuable financial support.

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Pro Tips for Managing FCTET Akoka Expenses

  • Create a budget: Allocate funds for tuition, accommodation, books, transportation, and other necessities. Prioritize expenses and adjust accordingly.

  • Embrace frugality: Cook meals at home, utilize public transportation, and seek affordable entertainment options.Remember, student life doesn’t have to be extravagant!

  • Seek part-time work: Supplement your income through on-campus jobs or freelance gigs. Every little bit helps!

  • Utilize student discounts: Don’t miss out on student discounts offered by restaurants, transportation providers, and even clothing stores. Every penny saved counts! (1 keyword occurrence)

FAQ About FCTET Akoka School Fees: Your Questions Answered

Are there any scholarships specifically for freshers?

Yes, FCTET Akoka offers several merit-based scholarships for incoming students. Check the website for application deadlines and eligibility criteria.

Can I pay my fees online?

Yes, FCTET Akoka offers a secure online payment portal for your convenience.

What happens if I can’t afford the full fees upfront?

Contact the FCTET Akoka finance department to discuss available payment plans and financial aid options.

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