Fountain University School Fees Per Medical Laboratory Science (2024)2

Fountain University School Fees Per Medical Laboratory Science

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Choosing the right course and university is the most important moment in every aspiring medical professional’s journey.

Fountain University, renowned for its excellence in medical education, naturally draws many students to its prestigious Medical Laboratory Science program.

But before embarking on this exciting path, understanding the fee structure is crucial. Worry not, future laboratory scientists!

This comprehensive guide unveils the details of Fountain University’s Medical Laboratory Science fees, leaving no question unanswered.


Breaking Down the Basics:

The heart of the matter lies in Fountain University’s approved school fees for the 2024 academic session. For aspiring Medical Laboratory Science students, here’s a clear breakdown:

  • School Fees: ₦935,000 (approximately $2,113 USD)
  • Payment Options: Students can choose full payment or semester-by-semester installments.

Beyond the Base Fee:

It’s important to remember that the school fees encompass a specific portion of your academic expenses. Additional costs to consider include:

  • Other Fees:
    • Parent Forum Levy: ₦10,000
    • Medical Test for Drugs: ₦20,000
    • Portal Access Fee: ₦2,000
    • Entrepreneurial Fee: ₦12,000
    • Clinical Training per Session: ₦150,000
    • GNS Registration Fee: ₦500


  • Living Expenses: Accommodation, meals, transportation, and personal expenditures vary depending on individual needs and lifestyle choices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there discounts for full payment?

No, currently, Fountain University does not offer discounts for full payment of the Medical Laboratory Science fees.

Can I pay the fees in installments?

Yes, students can choose to pay the school fees in installments spread across both semesters. Refer to the official university document for the specific installment breakdown.


What does the clinical training fee cover?

The clinical training fee contributes to the expenses associated with your practical placements at healthcare facilities. This includes access to essential equipment, materials, and supervision by experienced professionals.

Are there additional costs specific to Medical Laboratory Science students?

Yes, some laboratory coats, practical manuals, and project binding fees may apply specifically to Medical Laboratory Science students. Ensure you factor these into your budget estimations.

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