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Are you interested in knowing scholarships tips? If so, then you are on the right page. Feel relaxed and make sure you read the article to the end.

scholarships tips
Many students underestimate their chances and some scholarships remain unawarded each year because there are few or no applicants. Remember that each scholarship application becomes easier, because much of the information requested can be re-used. Invest your time in scholarship and bursary applications and the financial pay-offs can be very impressive!

Applying for scholarships can be stressful, overwhelming and time consuming.

Here are some scholarships tips

Tip one: Get organized. This is not a time when you want to be pulling an all-nighter. So determine which documents you need early, and make a schedule with all key dates and deadlines so you don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed. Also, plan to submit your application a few days before it’s due. That way, in case you run into any type of problems, you’ll have lots of time to fix them.

Tip two: One size does not fit all. Carefully read the scholarship criteria and tailor each application accordingly. Don’t just copy and paste from one to another. Each of your applications should be genuine and respond to the specific scholarship requirements.

Tip three: Pick references who know you and your work. It’s important that your references understand the scholarship criteria and can clearly see why you are a good candidate. So consider giving them a few bullet points with extra information to help them develop their letters. Also, no last-minute requests. Make sure that you give your references lots of time to develop thoughtful recommendations.

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Tip four: Proofread and repeat. The first draft of your scholarship application should never be your final draft. Errors are really distracting, and they reflect badly on your credibility. So, find your local grammar geek and ask him or her to proofread your application before you submit it.

Tip five: Be unique, be you. Some scholarships receive hundreds and even thousands of applications, but luckily there’s only one you. So what makes you unique? Consider which of your achievements will set you apart from the others and leave a lasting impression. Go on, brag a little. It’s your moment to shine.

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Be informed

Make sure you know everything about the award before you apply for it. Be sure you meet all the requirements, and be realistic in determining whether you qualify. The last thing you want is to be eligible for a scholarship but somehow have missed some important detail of the application package.

Respect deadlines

Some scholarships deadlines are as early as September for the following year, while others are as late as June. In any case, be sure to prepare well ahead of time. Even if you aren’t going to start school next year, it is advisable to start looking now – not to apply, necessarily, but to see what’s out there in the way of scholarships, grants and bursaries. See what kinds of deadlines and requirements exist. It’s better to know about an essay that’s required for a scholarship nine months before it’s due rather than finding out about it a week before.

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Review your documents

Similar to a job application or a résumé, spelling, grammar and sentence structure are very important in any kind of scholarship application. Dedicate time to proofreading, and keep it simple. You should also stick to the limits given. (i.e. many judges will not read more than two pages if a two page limit is stated.)

Think of it as a job

Finally, try to think of an application letter for a scholarship the same way you would think of a letter you’d write when applying for a job. What makes you more deserving than anyone else for this award? Keep in mind that scholarship wins are a wonderful addition to your CV. Good luck!

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