Igbinedion University Nursing School Fees (2024)

Igbinedion University Nursing School Fees and FAQs

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Considering a path in nursing at Igbinedion University (IUO)?

Understanding the financial commitment is crucial.

This blog post sheds light on Igbinedion University’s School of Nursing fees and tackles the top  questions about the program’s costs.


Breakdown of Igbinedion University Nursing School Fees

Igbinedion University presents a breakdown of estimated fees for the School of Nursing on their website.

  • Tuition: ₦1,065,000 (Nigerian Naira)
  • Accommodation: ₦175,000 (Nigerian Naira)
  • Administrative Charges: ₦110,000 (Nigerian Naira)
  • Total Estimated Fees: ₦1,350,000 (Nigerian Naira)

Important to Note:

  • This is an estimate and may vary slightly depending on the academic year.

  • Additional fees for books, uniforms, and other course materials might apply.


Are there financial aid options available for the School of Nursing?

Unfortunately, there isn’t specific information readily available regarding financial aid programs for the School of Nursing on the Igbinedion University website. However, the university does offer various scholarships and bursaries.

Does the School of Nursing offer any payment plans?

Igbinedion University’s fee structure section on the website doesn’t explicitly mention payment plans for the School of Nursing. However, contacting the university’s bursary department might provide more information on potential payment options.

What are the additional costs I should consider besides tuition?

Here are some additional costs to factor in:

  • Books and course materials: The School of Nursing might require specific textbooks and other learning materials.

  • Uniforms and clinical attire: Nursing programs typically require students to wear specific uniforms during clinical placements.

  • Living expenses: This includes costs like food, transportation, and personal needs.

How much does the School of Nursing program cost compared to other universities in Nigeria?

Conducting research on nursing program fees at other Nigerian universities can provide a broader perspective. Utilize resources like university websites and educational directories to compare costs.

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Next Steps

Igbinedion University’s School of Nursing offers a rewarding path for aspiring nurses. By understanding the program’s fees and exploring financial aid possibilities, you can make an informed decision about your education.

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