Kings University, Ibadan School Fees For Law 2024

Kings University, Ibadan: Law School Fees and FAQs for 2024

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Kings University, Ibadan: Law School Fees and FAQs for 2024

Kings University, Ibadan, offers a well-respected law program, but navigating the cost of education can be tricky.

This blog post will break down the school fees for Law students in 2024 and answer some frequently asked questions.

Law School Fees at Kings University, Ibadan (2024):

Unfortunately, Kings University, Ibadan, doesn’t explicitly list separate tuition fees for specific programs on their website. They categorize fees based on year level and faculty (Humanities, Management & Social Sciences, Science).

Based on the current fee structure, we can estimate the Law program to fall under the “Social Sciences” category. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Year 1: ₦275,000 (Nigerian Naira) for tuition + ₦250,000 for feeding (estimated) = ₦525,000 (total)
  • Year 2-4: ₦250,000 (tuition) + ₦250,000 (feeding) = ₦500,000 (total)

Please note: This is an estimate based on the available information. It’s crucial to confirm the exact fees with the Kings University, Ibadan, admissions office or financial aid department.

Top 4 FAQs about Law School Fees at Kings University, Ibadan (2024):

  1. Are there additional fees besides tuition and feeding?

Yes, there might be additional fees for acceptance, library access, student activities, and other charges. Be sure to check with the university for a comprehensive fee list.

  1. Does Kings University offer scholarships or financial aid for Law students?

Kings University offers various scholarships and financial aid programs. You can find details and application procedures on their website or by contacting the financial aid office.

  1. Is there a payment plan available for Law school fees?

Payment plan options might be available. Contact the Kings University, Ibadan bursar’s office for details on payment plans and deadlines.

  1. What are the living expenses near Kings University, Ibadan?

The cost of living can vary depending on your lifestyle. On-campus housing might be available, or you can explore off-campus options. Factor in additional costs like transportation, food (if not included in the feeding fee), and textbooks.

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