List Of Private Universities In Nigeria That Offer Theatre Arts (2024)

Private Universities In Nigeria That Offer Theatre Arts

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There are several private universities in Nigeria, But navigating the list can be daunting, especially when passion mingles with practicalities.

Fear not! This comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets of Private Universities in Nigeria Offering Theatre Arts.

List Of Private Universities In Nigeria That Offer Theatre Arts:

  • Babcock University, Ogun State: Boasts of a vibrant Department of Theatre Arts, Babcock University nurtures well-rounded performers through in acting, directing, playwriting, and more.Their state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty ignite creative fires, preparing students for real life experiences.

  • Bowen University, Oyo State: Bowen University’s Theatre Arts thrives within the Department of Performing Arts. Their emphasis on cultural exploration and ethical values shapes performers who contribute meaningfully to society through their art.

  • Covenant University, Ogun State: Renowned for its emphasis on spiritual and academic excellence,Covenant University equips students with the artistic tools and moral compass to leave a lasting impact.

  • Igbinedion University, Edo State: Department of Theatre Arts in this institution fosters creativity and critical thinking. Their diverse curriculum, film and digital media, equips students with the skills to succeed in the ever-evolving theatrical landscape.

  • Lead City University, Oyo State: Lead the way in the world of theatre at Lead City University, where the Department of Creative Arts offers a dynamic Theatre Arts program. Their focus on innovation and entrepreneurship empowers students to become versatile artists and cultural leaders.

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 Admission Requirements and Costs:

Admission requirements for Theatre Arts programs at private universities vary, but generally include UTME scores, post-UTME screening, and an interview.

Some universities may also require specific O’Level credits in relevant subjects like English Language, Literature, and Theatre Arts.

While tuition fees can be higher than at public universities, many private institutions offer scholarships and financial aid options to talented students.


What are the career prospects for Theatre Arts graduates?

Graduates can pursue careers in acting, directing,playwriting, teaching, arts administration, stage management, technical theatre, and more. With the rise of new media, opportunities in film, television, and digital content creation are also expanding.

  • Do private universities offer better facilities and resources for Theatre Arts?

While some private universities boast state-of-the-art facilities and renowned faculty, it’s essential to research and compare programs based on your specific needs and aspirations.

  • Is studying Theatre Arts at a private university worth the cost?

The decision boils down to individual circumstances and priorities. Consider the program’s quality, specializations offered, career support services, and financial aid options before making a choice.

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