List Of Cheapest Private Universities To Study Medicine In Nigeria (2024/2025)

Cheapest Private Universities To Study Medicine In Nigeria

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For aspiring Nigerian doctors, embarking on a medical education can be both stressful and difficult.

While public universities offer a renowned path, private institutions provide an alternative with unique advantages, including smaller class sizes, personalized attention, and modern facilities.

However, cost can be a significant concern. But fear not, future Dr.! Navigating the financial landscape doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Here, we explore 10 of the most affordable private universities in Nigeria offering exceptional medical programs in 2024.

Cheapest Private Universities To Study Medicine In Nigeria:

1. Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu: Located in Osun State, Oduduwa University stands out for its commitment to accessible medical education. Their competitive tuition fees, combined with scholarship opportunities, make it a popular choice for cost-conscious students.

2. Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin: This faith-based university in Kwara State offers a comprehensive medical program at a budget-friendly price. Al-Hikmah prides itself on its strong academic foundation and dedicated faculty, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education.

3. Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo: Nestled in Oyo State, Ajayi Crowther University boasts a modern medical facility and experienced faculty. Their tuition fees are relatively modest, making it an attractive option for students seeking quality medical education without breaking the bank.

4. Adeleke University, Ede: Established in Osun State, Adeleke University provides a student-centered learning environment within its medical program. Their commitment to affordability, coupled with a well-structured curriculum,attracts many medical aspirants.

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5. Paul University, Awka: Situated in Anambra State, Paul University’s medical program emphasizes academic rigor and practical experience. Their tuition fees are reasonable, allowing students to focus on their studies without the burden of excessive financial stress.

6. Caritas University, Amorji-Nike: Located in Enugu State, Caritas University’s medical program is grounded in ethical and compassionate healthcare. Their tuition fees are relatively lower compared to other private universities,making it an accessible option for many.

7. Veritas University, Abuja: Veritas University in Nigeria’s capital boasts a cutting-edge medical program with competitive tuition fees. Their flexible payment options further alleviate financial concerns for aspiring doctors.

8. Wellspring University, Benin City: Situated in Edo State, Wellspring University’s medical program combines academic excellence with a focus on community engagement. Their tuition fees are moderate, providing an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds.

9. Rhema University, Aba: Located in Abia State, Rhema University offers a dynamic medical program with a focus on Christian values. Their tuition fees are comparatively lower, making it an accessible option for religiously inclined students.

10. Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo: Renowned for its high academic standards, Babcock University in Ogun State also offers a competitive medical program with a price tag that is more manageable compared to other top private universities.

Choosing the Right University:

While cost is a crucial factor, remember to consider other aspects like accreditation, program structure, clinical exposure,and student support services when making your decision. Thoroughly research each university, attend virtual open houses,and connect with current students to gain valuable insights.


What are the admission requirements for studying medicine in a private university in Nigeria?

Admission requirements vary between universities, but typically include UTME/JAMB scores, O’Level credits in relevant science subjects, and a pre-medical entrance exam. Some universities may have additional requirements.

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Can I get financial aid to study medicine in a private university in Nigeria?

Yes, many private universities offer scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs for medical students. Research individual university offerings and explore external scholarship opportunities.

Is it worth studying medicine at a private university in Nigeria?

Private universities can offer several advantages, including smaller class sizes, personalized attention, and modern facilities. However, cost is a significant consideration. Carefully compare university fees, scholarship opportunities, and program quality before making your decision.

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