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List Of Poly That Offer Admission Without JAMB

Poly That Offer Admission Without JAMB

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For many Nigerian students, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a rite of passage, a gateway to higher education.

But what if you could bypass the stress of JAMB and still secure a spot in a prestigious polytechnic?

Well, good news, there are actually a growing number of polytechnics in Nigeria offering alternative admission routes, some completely JAMB-free!

This article will serve as your compass, listing some of the top polytechnics that you can apply to without JAMB, and even shedding light on the most common questions surrounding this alternative pathway.

Buckle up, future polytechnician, and let’s explore the exciting world of JAMB-less admissions!

Top Polytechnics Ditching JAMB:

  • Federal Polytechnic, Nekede: This Imo State giant offers admission to various National Diploma (ND) programs based on your Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) results and an aptitude test conducted by the school. Engineering and technology enthusiasts, this one’s for you!

  • Yaba College of Technology: A legendary name in Nigerian technical education, Yaba Tech offers select programs like Mass Communication and Graphic Design through a portfolio-based admission process. Show off your creative chops and land your dream spot!

  • Auchi Polytechnic: Home to some of the finest art and design programs in the country, Auchi Poly welcomes aspiring artists with open arms (and paintbrushes!). Their portfolio-based admission system lets your talent speak for itself.

  • Kaduna Polytechnic: If you’re drawn to the world of industry and environment, Kaduna Poly might be your perfect match. They consider your SSCE performance alongside an interview and aptitude test for admission to select ND programs.

  • Lagos State Polytechnic: Renowned for its business and management courses, Lagos Poly combines SSCE results with interviews and aptitude tests to select its future students. Hone your business acumen and get ready to conquer the Lagos market!

  • Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta: This Ogun State giant welcomes students into various ND programs like Computer Science and Mass Communication through SSCE results and aptitude tests. Hone your tech or media skills and make your mark!
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  • Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun: Aspiring oil and gas professionals, rejoice! PTI Effurun offers specialized diploma courses based on SSCE performance and interviews. Unleash your inner engineer and join the energy sector.


  • 3. Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu (IMT): This prestigious institute opens its doors to business and management enthusiasts through a combination of SSCE results, aptitude tests, and interviews. Master the art of commerce and become a business leader!


  • Osun State Polytechnic, Iree: Located in Osun State, this polytechnic offers ND programs in diverse fields like Hospitality Management and Civil Engineering. Secure your admission through SSCE results and interviews, and carve your path in the industry.


  • Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Ekpene: Located in the oil-rich Akwa Ibom State, this polytechnic offers opportunities in Engineering and Business Administration through SSCE performance and aptitude tests. Fuel your career aspirations in this vibrant region!


  • Kaduna State Polytechnic, Zaria: Kaduna Poly beckons students with an interest in Agriculture and Computer Science. Their JAMB-less pathway involves SSCE results, aptitude tests, and interviews. Cultivate your skills in these crucial fields!


  •  Federal College of Education (Technical), Asaba: This Delta State institution welcomes prospective educators with open arms. Their Technical Education ND programs consider SSCE results and interviews, paving the way for a future in shaping young minds.


  •  Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu: Embrace the world of agriculture at this Ebonyi State college. Their ND programs in Animal Health and Crop Production utilize SSCE performance and interviews to select passionate individuals. Cultivate the future of Nigerian agriculture!
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  • Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku: This Delta State gem offers ND programs in diverse fields like Mass Communication and Computer Science. Secure your spot through SSCE results and aptitude tests, and unleash your creative or tech prowess!


  • Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori: Located in the heart of Rivers State, this polytechnic welcomes students into Engineering and Business Administration programs. SSCE results and aptitude tests pave the way for your future success in these dynamic fields.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is admission without JAMB guaranteed?

No, admission to any polytechnic, regardless of JAMB requirement, is not guaranteed. Each institution has its own selection criteria and may consider factors like SSCE performance, aptitude tests, interviews, and program availability.

 Are JAMB-less admissions less competitive?

This can vary depending on the program and polytechnic. While avoiding JAMB might eliminate one hurdle, other selection criteria can be equally competitive. Research the specific program and institution you’re interested in to gauge the difficulty level.

Will my JAMB-less admission be recognized?

Absolutely! Diplomas and certificates earned through JAMB-less admissions are fully recognized and have the same value as those obtained through the traditional JAMB route. Rest assured, your qualification will be valid and respected.

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