List of Federal Universities Accepting Lower Credit for Direct Entry in Nigeria

Federal Universities Accepting Lower Credit for Direct Entry in Nigeria

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 So, you didn’t quite smash your O’Levels or ND exams. Maybe life threw you a curveball, or perhaps you simply discovered your academic mojo later in the game.

Whatever the reason, the burning question on your mind now is: “Can I still chase my university dreams with a lower credit?”

The answer, my friend, is a resounding YES! While some federal universities in Nigeria might raise their eyebrows at a lower credit, there are plenty of others ready to extend a welcoming hand.

Don’t let a single grade define your potential – this list of federal universities accepting lower credit for direct entry is your roadmap to a brighter future.


Before we dive in, let’s address:

  • Lower credit doesn’t guarantee admission. Universities still consider other factors like JAMB scores, post-ND achievements, and departmental requirements.


  • Specific courses might have stricter entry criteria. Even within a university, some programs might demand higher grades than others. Research thoroughly!


  • Always check the latest admission guidelines. University policies can change, so ensure you’re referring to the most recent information.

Now, onto the good stuff! Here are some federal universities open to giving lower credit applicants a shot:

  • University of Jos (UNIJOS): This prestigious institution in Plateau State welcomes lower credit holders for various courses, including Mass Communication, English Language, and Economics.


  • Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto (UDUSOK): Located in the historical city of Sokoto, UDUSOK accepts lower credits for programs like Education, Agriculture, and Islamic Studies.
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  • Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUT Minna): Engineering aspirants with lower credits rejoice! FUT Minna considers applicants with lower grades for specific engineering programs.


  • Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU): This renowned university in Kaduna State opens doors for lower credit holders in disciplines like Business Administration, Public Administration, and Sociology.


  • University of Calabar (UNICAL): Nestled in the scenic Cross River State, UNICAL welcomes lower credit applicants for courses like History, Philosophy, and Geography.


  • Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT): Aspiring scientists and technologists, ESUT in Enugu State might be your gateway to success, even with a lower credit.


  • Federal University, Wukari (FUW): Located in Taraba State, FUW offers opportunities for lower credit holders in programs like Computer Science, Biology, and Education.


  • Federal University, Lokoja (FUL): Situated in Kogi State, FUL accepts lower credits for certain courses like Accounting, Marketing, and Political Science.


  • National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN): This flexible distance learning institution is a beacon of hope for many. NOUN welcomes lower credit holders for a wide range of undergraduate programs.


What’s the minimum JAMB score required for direct entry with a lower credit?

JAMB score requirements vary depending on the university, program, and year of admission. Generally, a score above 180 is considered competitive, but specific programs might demand higher scores. Always check the latest JAMB brochure for current requirements.

Can I gain admission with a lower credit if I have relevant work experience?

Absolutely! Relevant work experience can be a valuable asset for your application. Highlight your skills and achievements in your personal statement and provide any necessary documentation.

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Does gaining admission with a lower credit affect my graduation chances?

Not at all! Once you’re admitted, your past academic performance is water under the bridge. Focus on giving your best in your chosen program, and graduation will be within reach.

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