List Of Science Courses Offered in Auchi Polytechnic

Science Courses Offered in Auchi Polytechnic

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Auchi Polytechnic, located in Auchi, Nigeria, offers a wide range of science courses to its students.

These courses are designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the science courses offered at Auchi Polytechnic and provide answers to the top frequently asked questions about Auchi Polytechnic on Google.


Science Courses Offered at Auchi Polytechnic


– Anatomy

– Physiology

– Biochemistry

– Genetics

– Microbiology

– Biotechnology


– Inorganic Chemistry

– Organic Chemistry

– Analytical Chemistry

– Physical Chemistry

– Petroleum Chemistry


– Pure Mathematics

– Applied Mathematics

– Statistics

– Operations Research

– Probability Theory


– Mechanics

– Heat & Thermodynamics

– Electricity & Magnetism

– Optics

– Quantum Mechanics

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

– Electrical Circuits

– Electronics Devices

– Power Systems

– Control Systems

– Telecommunication Engineering

 Civil Engineering

– Structural Engineering

– Geotechnical Engineering

– Transportation Engineering

– Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering

– Environmental Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

– Thermodynamics

– Fluid Mechanics

– Strength of Materials

– Machine Design

– Manufacturing Engineering

Computer Science

– Programming Languages

– Data Structures

– Database Management

– Cybersecurity

– Artificial Intelligence

Metallurgical Engineering

– Materials Science

– Metallurgy

– Welding

– Foundry Engineering

– Corrosion Engineering

 Chemical Engineering

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– Process Engineering

– Chemical Reaction Engineering

– Process Optimization

– Chemical Plant Design

– Environmental Engineering

 FAQs and Answers 

What are the admission requirements for Auchi Polytechnic?

The admission requirements for Auchi Polytechnic vary depending on the specific course or program. However, generally, candidates need to meet certain academic qualifications, such as having completed O’Levels with specific subjects relevant to the chosen course. Additionally, candidates may be required to sit for an entrance examination and go through an interview process. Visit the Auchi Polytechnic website or contact the institution directly for detailed admission requirements.

What facilities are available on campus for science students?

Auchi Polytechnic provides state-of-the-art facilities to its science students. These include well-equipped laboratories, lecture halls, and research centers where students can explore and conduct experiments. The institution also has well-equipped libraries and internet connectivity to facilitate research and learning.

What job opportunities are available after completing the science courses at Auchi Polytechnic?

After completing the science courses at Auchi Polytechnic, graduates are qualified for various job opportunities in different industries. Some potential career paths include:

– Chemical Engineer

– Mechanical Engineer

– Electrical Engineer

– Civil Engineer

– Computer Science Engineer

– Environmental Engineer

– Metallurgist

– Mathematician

– Data Analyst

– Research Scientist

What is the academic calendar for Auchi Polytechnic?

The academic calendar for Auchi Polytechnic is subject to change. However, typically, the institution operates on a trimester system, with each semester lasting approximately 12 weeks. The academic year typically commences in September and ends in July. Students are advised to visit the Auchi Polytechnic website or contact the concerned department for the most up-to-date academic calendar.

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