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Madonna University, Nigeria School Fees For Medicine And Surgery (2024)

Madonna University, Nigeria School Fees For Medicine And Surgery (2024)

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Madonna University’s Faculty of Medicine offers a prestigious Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to excel in the medical field.

But alongside the excitement of pursuing such a dream career comes the practical question of affordability.

2024 MBBS Fees Structure:

  • Madonna University Nigeria: While no official 2024 fee schedule is available yet, the 2023 schedule lists N2,000,000 for the entire six-year program. Expect a similar range for 2024 with potential adjustments.


What are the payment options for the MBBS program?

This information isn’t publicly available on either campus website. It’s best to directly contact the respective Admissions Office for details.

Does Madonna University offer scholarships or financial aid for MBBS students?

Both campuses offer various scholarships and financial aid opportunities. Explore their websites and contact the Financial Aid Office for specific inquiries.

Are there any additional fees besides tuition?

Yes, expect additional fees for application, registration, textbooks, lab materials, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses. Consult the university website or contact the relevant department for a comprehensive list.

What are the living expenses like on campus?

Living expenses vary depending on your chosen accommodation plan and lifestyle. The websites might have sample budgets, but reaching out to current students can offer valuable insights.

Is the MBBS program worth the cost?

This depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. Consider factors like career goals, financial aid options, program reputation, and your overall fit with the university before making a decision.

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