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Are you interested in knowing mba in Portland? If so, then you are in the right page. Feel relaxed and make sure you read it to the end.

mba in Portland

University of Portland’s MBA program offers a broad core curriculum, as well as a constant focus on creativity and entrepreneurship to distinguish our students in a competitive market.

The Pamplin School of Business will help you start developing the critical thinking skills needed to identify, analyze, and evaluate complex business problems, navigate an ever-changing environment, and hone the global perspectives needed by 21st century managers today.


Thirteen courses (39-semester hours) make up the flexible MBA program. Students have the option to test out of the prerequisite statistics course, resulting in a twelve course (36-semester hour) program. Evening classes are taught once a week to balance the commitments of school and work. The GMAT requirement is currently waived for all business graduate program applicants.

MBA Program Description:
There are 5 pillars in the MBA Degree Program as follows (please scroll down below Chris Haroun’s bio to see a video on each pillar):

1: Finance and Accounting: The easy-to-apply lessons and the simplicity of the method we use allow anyone that takes the program the ability to go from being financially illiterate to a savvy investor.

2: Entrepreneurship: You are given strategies for writing a business plan, finding your customers, researching your competition, and building the necessary financials to ensure your company’s success.

3: Sales, Marketing and Communications: Learn what you need to do to prospect quality leads, execute professional sales meetings and deliver your absolute best presentations using the success tools provided inside this program.

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4: Economics, Management and Strategy: Frameworks, case studies, and research systems that give students the practical skills they need to succeed in the future economy.

5: Personal Growth: Develop a crystal clear image of the person and future you truly desire. Understanding what you really want will determine the path you will need to take to get there.

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Chris Haroun is currently adding a 6th Pillar to the MBA program, which is called Technology. In the upcoming Technology Pillar, you will learn programming from scratch and much more! Chris Haroun was a programmer when he worked at Accenture in the 1990s (and he loves to code in his spare time). All MBA students that purchase the MBA program will receive access to all programming elective lessons for free forever.


Eastern University’s 100% online MBA in Organizational Management is designed for students from any background seeking to advance their career to the next level. With courses delivered through Eastern’s innovative LifeFlex modality, this program equips graduates with the knowledge, business acumen, and strategic mindset necessary to lead successful teams in high-performing organizations.

Program Details
Location: Online
Delivery: Self-paced within 7-week online courses
Length: As little as 10 months; 30 credits. Students can take 6 credits per 7-week term and finish in as few as 5 terms or at whatever pace suits their schedule.
Enrolling New Students: Every 7 Weeks. First start is August 2021 — apply today!
Cost: Total tuition & course fees combined for 2021-22 are $9,900. Plus, receive a 20% Alumni Discount if you earned an undergraduate degree from EU! A small fee of $42/term for affordable and hassle-free textbooks, which are built directly into your online courses, will also be added to your student account.
Concentrations: Choose from a General Track or a Concentration in Business Analytics
Financial Aid: Discover our partner grants, military benefits, and federal financial aid options that may be available to you.

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100% Online MBA Rooted in Philadelphia | Only $9,900

Self-Paced Learning: Our self-paced format allows students to complete their coursework at the pace that works for their schedule. Within each 7-week period, you can move as quickly as you’d like. Eastern provides you with all of the resources needed to complete your education at your pace, but unlike most online resources, Eastern’s expert faculty will be available to assist with your individual questions and help you along the way.
Flexible Course Scheduling: Take one or two courses per 7-week term and take terms off from classes to allow for professional and personal responsibilities.
Expert, Diverse Faculty: Eastern’s self-paced courses make it possible to bring a diverse array of highly qualified, distinguished faculty through our video enhanced curriculum. With broad professional and academic backgrounds, these instructors intentionally highlight the intersection of academic theory and real-life practice.
Professional Development and Networking: Connect with other professionals, both students and faculty, through networking events, in-class forums, office hours, and our College of Business and Leadership LinkedIn.
Grounded in Ethics and Faith: Our faculty are passionate about integrating our Christian worldview into our work as business professionals and leaders. Our program emphasizes the critical, moral, philosophical, and spiritual values often overlooked in MBA programs, and students are prepared for a life of faith, leadership, and learning.
Affordability: We are proud to offer one of the most affordable MBA programs in the nation. Access Tuition Discounts through Eastern’s higher learning institutions and corporation partners/alliances.
ACBSP Accredited: You and your employer, both current and future, can be confident in the quality of your education from Eastern’s College of Business and Leadership as an ACBSP Accredited business school.
Business Analytics Concentration: Equip yourself with the data science and analytical skills necessary for managing organizations and teams in today’s data-driven economy.

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Dual Degree Options

Expand your opportunities by pairing your MBA with an MS in Data Science or Master of Divinity!

MBA/MS in Data Science
MBA/Master of Divinity (MDiv)

How can a program this inexpensive provide an outstanding education?

Our innovative self-paced design, combined with additional flexible course features, allow us to provide a high-quality education at a fraction of the price of most other programs.

Instead of professors lecturing at set times, setting due dates, requiring you to learn exclusively from their materials, or requiring you to be in a cohort, our expert faculty have created coursework suited to your learning styles.
You decide how to learn, whether that is through the lectures, textbooks, and other resources provided, or others you prefer. You decide when you will complete assignments and exams within our 7-week terms. And you decide how many courses you take per term.
This maximizes flexibility to learn as a part of your busy work, family, and personal life, and lessens the need for expensive faculty input.
Our master’s in data science program, which uses the same online self-paced format as this MBA, was recently ranked #1 in the U.S. by!

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