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Are you interested in knowing radiography salary? If so, then you are in the right page. Feel relaxed and make sure you read it to the end.

radiography salary

While Radiography does not necessarily rate among the most coveted profession in the medical line, it stands right there among the most important. In the simplest of terms, a radiographer, also mostly known as a radiologic technologist, takes x- rays and makes use of other imaging equipment to get a clear image of a patient’s body parts.

We will consider the average salaries of radiographers that work in government hospitals and teaching hospitals. We will also have a glance through how much they earn in the private sector.

What Do Radiographers Do?

A radiographer works with medical imaging equipment (particularly X-rays) to create images of patients that a physician may use in diagnosing injuries and disease. They typically work in hospitals, large clinics or as part of a dedicated radiography business that sees referrals for these procedures. Radiographers prepare and set up equipment for each patient, as well as help keep the patient at ease throughout the process while creating medically useful images. Radiographers are typically different from radiologists; radiographers normally create diagnostic imaging before giving them to another medical professional for interpretation, while radiologists may be involved in both imaging and interpretation.
Typically, radiographers see patients with referrals from a primary care physician or emergency practitioner who has already performed a preliminary examination. From that examination, the radiographer is presented with instructions on what information is needed from X-ray or other scanned imaging. The radiographer decides what equipment will best create the required images and creates them. Radiographers may also be asked to perform follow-up imaging work to assess treatment progress, and they help ensure the proper functioning of all imaging equipment in his or her department.
Most radiographers begin in this career field by taking classes at community colleges or vocational schools that offer specialized training in this area. Most jurisdictions or employers also require radiographers to hold certification in the field as well.

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Radiographer Tasks
Work with patients, explain testing procedure, and put them at ease through the x-ray process.
Fill out daily inspection reports, paperwork, and documentation as required.
Effectively perform assigned radiography tasks and interpret results of inspections.
Ensure strict adherence to industry health guidelines as well as company radiation safety regulations.

Common Health Benefits for a Radiographer

Gender Breakdown for Radiographers


What Are Popular Skills for Radiographers?

Avg. Salary
Radiography (X-ray)
304 responses
Computed Tomography (CT)
224 responses
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
160 responses
80 responses
Skills in Radiography (X-ray), Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are correlated to pay that is above average. Skills that pay less than market rate include Emergency/Trauma.

Skills That Affect Radiographer Salaries

Different skills can affect your salary. Below are the most popular skills and their effect on salary.
Computed Tomography (CT)
Radiography (X-ray)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

What is the highest pay for Radiographers?

Our data indicates that the highest pay for a Radiographer is NGN 9m / year

What is the lowest pay for Radiographers?

Our data indicates that the lowest pay for a Radiographer is NGN 48k / year

How can Radiographers increase their salary?

Increasing your pay as a Radiographer is possible in different ways. Change of employer: Consider a career move to a new employer that is willing to pay higher for your skills. Level of Education: Gaining advanced degrees may allow this role to increase their income potential and qualify for promotions. Managing Experience: If you are a Radiographer that oversees more junior Radiographers, this experience can increase the likelihood to earn more.

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Radiographer Salaries in Nigeria
The average net salary for Radiographer in Nigeria is ₦155K. Salary estimated from 29 employees


What Is the Average Radiography Salary by State

State Annual Salary Hourly Wage
New York $93,288 $44.85
New Hampshire $88,182 $42.40
Arizona $81,834 $39.34
Montana $81,566 $39.21
Wyoming $81,319 $39.10
New Jersey $81,144 $39.01
Massachusetts $79,479 $38.21
Indiana $78,733 $37.85
Hawaii $78,727 $37.85
Nevada $78,265 $37.63
West Virginia $77,782 $37.40
Tennessee $77,517 $37.27
Washington $77,323 $37.17
Pennsylvania $77,017 $37.03
Connecticut $76,969 $37.00
Minnesota $76,675 $36.86
Rhode Island $75,854 $36.47
Alaska $75,317 $36.21
Oregon $74,704 $35.92
North Dakota $73,851 $35.51
Wisconsin $73,463 $35.32
Ohio $72,417 $34.82
Maryland $72,338 $34.78
Alabama $71,628 $34.44
Virginia $71,135 $34.20
Iowa $71,028 $34.15
Vermont $71,010 $34.14
Utah $70,863 $34.07
California $70,764 $34.02
South Dakota $70,282 $33.79
New Mexico $70,012 $33.66
Idaho $69,974 $33.64
Florida $69,728 $33.52
Nebraska $69,494 $33.41
Delaware $69,360 $33.35
Colorado $68,093 $32.74
South Carolina $67,848 $32.62
Kansas $67,622 $32.51
Arkansas $66,862 $32.14
Maine $66,719 $32.08
Mississippi $65,929 $31.70
Oklahoma $65,556 $31.52
Michigan $65,461 $31.47
Kentucky $64,875 $31.19
Georgia $64,862 $31.18
Illinois $63,211 $30.39
Missouri $62,651 $30.12
Texas $61,822 $29.72
Louisiana $61,344 $29.49
North Carolina $57,064 $27.43

Top 50 Highest Paying States for Radiography Jobs in the U.S.

We’ve identified nine states where the typical salary for a Radiography job is above the national average. Topping the list is New York, with New Hampshire and Arizona close behind in second and third. Arizona beats the national average by 4.1%, and New York furthers that trend with another $14,678 (18.7%) above the $78,609.

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With these nine states paying on average above the national average, the opportunities for economic advancement by changing locations as a Radiography appears to be exceedingly fruitful.

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