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Are you interested in knowing more about medical pedicure? If so, then you are on the right page. Feel relaxed and make sure you read the article to the end.

medical pedicure

Medical pedicures, aka, medi-pedis, aren’t as scary as they sound. In fact, they’re soothing and treat almost any condition your feet may have, like cracked heels and ingrown toenails. Ahead, Correa shares everything you need to know about the service and what to look for in a technician.

What Is a Medical Pedicure?
When you think of a pedicure, the first thing that likely comes to mind is a trip to your neighborhood salon, where you’ll typically relax in a massage chair while someone massages your feet, trims and shapes your toenails, and paints them after soaking them in water.

Medical pedicures are completely different, though, and aren’t performed at just any salon. Instead, the service is completed by a specialist who is an expert in podiatry and nail care. “Combining education and foot care, medical pedicures provide a one-of-a-kind foot care experience,” Correa says. “This sterile and waterless pedicure is tailored to target the needs of each individual. This includes dead skin removal with professional equipment, nail nipping, filing, shaping, and buffing your nails to shiny perfection.”

And much like a traditional pedicure, a med-pedi lasts about 45 minutes or up to one hour. Correa explains that the pedicure is done in a private room for optimal comfortability and sanitation. Plus, the benefits go beyond aesthetics.

Pedicures are done for cosmetic reasons. But with a medicated pedicure, you get more than that. This special procedure also caters to your therapeutic and medical requirements for your feet.

A medicated pedicure doesn’t just look into making your nails look pretty.

This type of foot care is a cosmetic treatment, focusing not just on your toenails but on your feet as a whole.

Yes, pedicures are done for cosmetic reasons. But with a medicated pedicure, you get more than that. This special procedure also caters to your therapeutic and medical requirements for your feet.

A medicated pedicure doesn’t just look into making your nails look pretty.

It also helps prevent nail diseases and other related health issues.

In addition to working your toenails, this special procedure also involves rubbing off the dead skin cells, especially the ones off the bottom of your feet.


And after the granular exfoliation process, there will be foot moisturizing and massage.

“What To Expect When I Get A Medical Pedicure (Near Me)?”

You’re probably wondering what’s in store for you if you get a medicated pedicure.

Here are some of the things you can expect.

First, A Medical Pedicure Is Noninvasive.

Think of it as podiatry (a branch in medical care that focuses on feet) with a mix of nail care.

There are no incisions, no cuts, no surgery.

Medicated pedicure involves taking out the unspeakable dirt stuck in your toenails as well as treat your feet, removing corns, calluses, and dead skin cells.

As such, only highly skilled foot care specialists can perform this dry procedure. So it’s safe and hygienic.

Second, It Focuses On Foot-Related Medical And Hygiene Concerns.

Do you have Athlete’s foot?

Perhaps corns and calluses?

Then medical-grade foot care is what you need. It doesn’t just focus on the aesthetic aspect of nail and foot care; it also looks into the hygiene and health.

What Is A Medical Pedicure Good For?

It helps your nails look well-kept and in shape as well as the skin of your feet soft and healthy.


A regular pedicure also supports chiropody or the proper well-being of your feet. It helps you walk more comfortably, thus, contributing to improved posture.

A good pedicure can also help you relax. No wonder a lot of women flock to the salon and have their nails done. It’s a soothing experience that can help take your mind off the stress.

And with its soothing creams and softening moisturizers, you’ll feel like walking on air once you’re done with your pedicure.

Now, that’s a regular pedicure for you. Imagine what benefits are in store for you with a medicated pedicure.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Precisely Why A Medical Pedicure Is Worth Seeking Out.

1. Getting A Medicated Pedicure Is A More Hygienic Option.

Offering manicure and pedicure services is potentially good business. The more patrons it has, the bigger the income. But as a volume-based enterprise, these businesses need faster customer turnover rates to generate more income.

However, the downside to this business framework is that the salon staff tends to pay less attention to their instruments and utensils when they have to attend to more people.

As more customers come into their doors, sterility is often neglected.

This is why a lot of foot-related problems are present in these establishments. Foot fungi like tinea pedis and onychomycosis are just some of these health-related issues.


You won’t find these problems when you seek a medicated pedicure procedure at an OSHA-compliant practice.

At these medical-grade establishments, you can find highly sterilized tools and equipment to ensure that you won’t get exposed to bacteria contamination. As a result, there is less risk of infection to your feet, skin, and nails.

Instruments are sanitized in these OSHA-compliant establishments. If not sanitized, these instruments are immediately disposed of after use.

2. You Can Expect Highly Personalized, Comprehensive Care For Your Feet And Nails.

If you don’t want the cookie-cutter treatment for your nails and feet, then you should give medicated pedicure a try.

You can expect more specialized attention and care with this comprehensive procedure.

What’s great about this procedure is that it’s performed by a highly trained technician and closely supervised by a doctor.

With a specialist at the helm, you get better care for your feet and nails. These experts are better trained at recognizing the top podiatric issues and addressing them.

What may start out as minor problems like ingrown toenails, warts, and fungi can get full-blown. Most of these feet and nail issues are often overlooked and ignored. As a result, they only get worse.

But with in-depth and comprehensive attention to these concerns, a medical pedicure can prevent it from worsening and even reverse them.

I suggest you check out advanced treatments like diamond filing, callus buffing and removal, nail border evacuation, Pink Himalayan salt soak, glycolic peels, and more.

With a medically trained eye to watch over your feet and nails, you can be sure you’re getting thorough care with meticulous attention to every tiny detail.

3. Pamper Yourself With A Caring And Soothing Experience.

Yes, it’s done in the doctor’s office, but it can still feel like a spa and salon experience.

What’s more, your health isn’t compromised when you opt for a medicated pedicure. You know the tools and equipment used are sterilized.

With a hygienic environment, you can rest easy and enjoy peace of mind that you’re OK and well cared for.

4. Your Feet And Nails Will Look And Feel Good.

Also, just because you’re with the doctor doesn’t mean your nails and feet won’t look good.

A medicated pedicure treatment can also include a change in nail polish and callous removal, among other things.

So if you want to make your nails look pretty and your feet immaculately soft and supple, you should give medical pedicure a try.

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“Where Can I Get A Medical Pedicure Near Me?”

The health and appearance of your feet and nails may seem frivolous to some.

But if you or your loved ones are experiencing health issues or certain symptoms that will only get magnified with your foot woes, this specialized treatment is just right.

When you need highly specialized foot and nail care, you might want to consider getting a medical pedicure.

Who Is A Medical Pedicure For?

A medical pedicure is highly recommended for the elderly, diabetics, or people who can’t risk their overall health due to a foot or toenail problem.

You’re probably wondering, “How do I find a medical pedicure (near me)?”

The best answer to that question is to consult your doctor for his or her recommendations.

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Medical Pedicure?
A medical pedicure leaves your feet looking clean and fresh! While this is great, there are many more important benefits for your foot health that come with them:

They can prevent ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails can be very painful, cause swelling, and even lead to an infection if left ignored.
Since a medical pedicure involves toenail shaping, this can be extra helpful if you have any cracked toenails, or a split toenail.
Due to the meticulous cleaning and moisturizing involved, medical pedicures can help stave off unpleasant Foot odour.
The first step, the examination process, gives your chiropodist the opportunity to detect any foot conditions you may not have been aware of. Similarly, they could provide information about the current condition of your feet, and if they think certain conditions may arise in the future. For example, they may notice you have a flat arch, or something else concerning the shape of your feet. It can be an educational experience that gives you the opportunity to ask questions!
Similarly, the quality time spent with a qualified foot specialist will allow you to gain insight into your foot health. Your chiropodist may also notice something on your feet you may not have noticed, like a small cut or laceration.
There will be specialized focus on calluses and corns.
They are more hygienic than a standard, cosmetic pedicure. A medical pedicure appointment ensures that your foot specialist is entirely focused on you, whereas a cosmetic pedicure can take place in a busy, hectic salon. The tools used are sterilized more thoroughly, and the private environment can make it safer to be barefoot.

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