Resumption Date For Universities And Polytechnics In Nigeria

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Schools are getting ready for another year of learning and growth in Nigeria.

Students, parents, and teachers are all waiting to find out when the schools will open again so they can start learning new things.

Resumption Dates for Universities in Nigeria (2023/2024 Academic Year)

Different universities in Nigeria have different academic calendars. So, the exact resumption dates for each university may be different.

But most universities are expected to start classes in October 2023. A few universities may start in November 2023 instead.

Resumption Dates for Polytechnics in Nigeria (2023/2024 Academic Year)

Polytechnics in Nigeria are like universities, but they focus more on teaching students practical skills for jobs.Polytechnics also follow a similar resumption schedule to universities.

Most polytechnics are expected to start classes in October 2023. A few polytechnics may start in November 2023 instead.

Reasons Why Resumption Dates May Change

There are a few reasons why the resumption dates for universities and polytechnics in Nigeria may change. These reasons include:

  • The academic calendar: Each school has its own academic calendar that says when semesters start and end, when breaks are, and when exams are.

  • Infrastructure and facilities: Resumption dates can also be affected by whether or not a school has enough classrooms, labs, and libraries.

  • Staffing and resources: A school needs to have enough teachers and other staff, and it also needs to have enough money to pay for things like books and supplies, before it can start classes.

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Why It’s Important for Schools to Start on Time

It’s important for schools to start on time so that students can keep learning and move on to the next grade or year. It also gives schools time to plan and prepare for the new school year.


Schools across Nigeria are getting ready to welcome students back for the 2023/2024 academic year. Students, parents,and teachers are all excited to start learning new things.

Starting on time is important for schools so that students can keep learning and move on to the next grade or year. With the hard work of schools, teachers, and students, Nigeria’s schools are ready for another year of great things.

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