RSUST School Fees For Medicine And Surgery (2024/2025)

RSUST School Fees For Medicine And Surgery

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What are the RSUST school fees for Medicine and Surgery (2024)?

This guide is your trusty map, that will show you the financial territory of your RSUST Medicine and Surgery journey. With clear information and a positive outlook, you can confidently plan and prepare for your academic ascent.

RSUST’s Medicine and Surgery program, nestled within the Faculty of Medical Sciences, is a rigorous yet deeply rewarding path.

The school fees for this esteemed program fall within the range of ₦75,000 to ₦110,000 per academic year.

But the numbers paint just a fraction of the picture. RSUST offers a pleasant number of scholarship opportunities for both merit-based and need-based students.

So, your academic brilliance or financial circumstances could pave the way for significant financial support, making your dream of becoming a doctor even more attainable.

Additionally, installment payment options are available for most programs at RSUST, easing the financial burden and allowing you to focus on what truly matters.


  • What are the admission requirements for the RSUST Medicine and Surgery program?

    In addition to the university’s general admission requirements, you’ll need to have completed your West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) or General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level with five credits in relevant subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. You may also be required to take an entrance examination.


  • What are the career prospects for RSUST Medicine and Surgery graduates?

    RSUST graduates are well-prepared for diverse career paths within the medical field. You could work in hospitals, clinics, public health agencies, research institutions, or even pursue postgraduate studies to specialize in a specific area of medicine or surgery.


  • What additional costs should I budget for?

    Beyond tuition fees, factor in accommodation, living expenses,course materials, medical registration fees, and professional licensing fees as you plan your budget.

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